Home of Tone at the London International Guitar Show

Home of Tone at the London International Guitar Show

It's almost time for the London International Guitar Show! I'm really looking forward to this one as it's my first time exhibiting in London, meaning hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you whom I've not had chance to meet yet from the area which is great!

I'll be bringing along Prisma Guitars, Titan Guitars, McNelly Pickups, Home of Tone wiring harnesses, Mother Mary Co straps, Ground Control Audio, Lehle, Yellowcake pedals, Gravity Picks, Bigfoot ceramic slides, D&A Stands and lots more!
09 October, 2018 by James P Gascoigne
London International Guitar Show!

London International Guitar Show!

It's felt like a long time since our last guitar show, so we're making up for it with a trip down to the big smoke for the London International Guitar Show 2018!

This is a brilliant show organised by Pete and Gail of Northern Guitar Shows, who always provide a great atmosphere and diverse range of exhibitors. My favourite shows due to the relaxed nature of the events, perfect for guitarists to indulge in some geekery. This is my first time at the London show, and myself and Emma are looking forward to heading there in October! If you're local to this show, be sure to come along and come and say hello!
The most incredible guitar show around the world? Quite possibly...

The most incredible guitar show around the world? Quite possibly...

I'll be putting together some more in depth coverage of my weekend spent at The Holy Grail Guitar Show held in Berlin, which was a mind opening experience. But in the mean time I couldn't help but post this photo which sums up the weekend for me...

Friends, mutual respect and admiration, energy and passion for the guitar and in particular, the craft of guitar making. That is what I've come away from this incredible show feeling, inspired by it all. There's nothing quite like it and it was pretty inspiring seeing such a vast collection of what makes me excited about the guitar some 20+ years on since first getting hooked.

The incredibly talented, Tom Sands Guitars hanging out at the Millimetric Instruments table, getting to know the insane Baritone version of their MGS3 model. The avid follower of my blog will note there have been 'Meet the Maker' interviews by myself on both of these luthiers, so it was great to all get together.

Stay tuned for my full coverage of the event, over on Instagram, Facebook and of course, here too!

The Guitar Show 2018

Back in 2015 I was lucky enough (IE nagged the organisors most likely to the point of exhaustion!) to snag a cancellation spot for a booth at the biggest guitar show in the UK. Torn & Frayed' awesome 'The Guitar Show', and ever since then it has become one of the real highlights of the year for me.
James' Home of Tone at The Merseyside Guitar Show 2017

James' Home of Tone at The Merseyside Guitar Show 2017

It's certainly been a busy year, and we're seeing that through right up to the end! We're heading back out on the road again at the end of this month and will be exhibiting at The Merseyside Guitar Show 2017!
Only a couple days to wait until The Guitar Show 2016!

Only a couple days to wait until The Guitar Show 2016!

It's almost time! 
This has come along very quickly, which to be honest is a great thing as we're itching to get started. We've got so many things planned for this and it's shaping up to be a great show.

We're taking along a real nice array of new and vintage guitars, even Mandolins & Lap Steels too! Amplifiers, Slides, Straps & accessories too.

Some of the guitars we're taking have been fitted up with a range of McNelly Pickups for you folks to get stuck into, I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing your reactions to them, it's going to be fun! I also have a wide array pickups to have a look at, see the quality and the detail that makes them so special. 
Two of the guitars fitted up with McNelly's, are our own shop built guitars! The HoT 'Fifty & 'FiftyFour. Those I'm excited to share!

We're proudly showcasing the awesome Overdrive Straps. These retro vibe straps have caused a stir and are gathering a huge following. We're taking a nice range of their designs so pop by and have a look!

Shows like this are great to get your hands on items you've heard lots about, but are yet to see in person. One of those items may well be Gravity Picks, and we'll have hundreds with us! 

Diamond Bottlenecks have been super super busy making lots of their beautiful Lead Crystal 'Ultimate' model guitar slides for us to showcase, so if you're after a quality slide and want to try a few to see which fit nicely. Come and visit us! We have lots to try, and also some demo models of my own to try out on the variety of slide guitars we'll have with us.

We're also proudly housing the great hand forged items from 'Elder Sign Forge'. All of these items are unique, hand crafted & forged locally and Jake, the owner & maker has put together some great music/guitar related items for us to showcase! 

We're really looking forward to hanging out with everyone, meeting new people and sharing what we do. It means a great deal to us to be there, amongst the sea of fantastic names in the guitar world. It's going to be a great experience! Make sure you pop along to meet us and see what we do here, I promise we'll make you feel at home! (We have coffee & biscuits, we know how to look after us both!)

Tickets are still available in advance direct from The Guitar Show website http://www.theguitarshow.co.uk/ or on the door on either day. 

See you Saturday & Sunday!

James, Emma & the Home of Tone team!