Even though the Home of Tone may be a humble business in the giant world of eCommerce, I still feel strongly about doing my bit to be friendly on our environment. I absolutely hate receiving orders, be it business related or a personal item, where it has been packaged by the supplier using single use plastic or with packaging that can't be recycled. With so many viable alternatives available to businesses, there really is minimal need to use single use plastic in packaging.
I do not want to be one of those suppliers! So I put a lot of effort and thought into ensuring my methods and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible.
I use Jiffy 'Green' parcel bags, which are made from recycled paper and can either be re-used or you can recycle them in your home paper recycling bins. I use acid free, recyclable tissue paper with my harnesses and other premium items, this again can be recycled at home in your paper recycling. Void fill is with brown paper which can be recycled at home or re-used if you can. Mailing bags, flyers, component packaging, even the freebie stickers I include are all paper based and are either made from recycled paper/card, or can be recycled easily at home.
If you open a parcel from me and it includes plastic/bubble wrap etc, this is because I am also doing my very best to re-use any packaging that has been sent in parcels to me. Last thing I want to do is just throw all of that away, that just seems further pointless and wasteful. So I will do my best to re-use that packaging where possible, so please don't be frustrated if you see plastic based packaging in any of my parcels to you, this will definitely be re-used packaging that I have received from elsewhere and wanted to make it more than just single use waste.
If you receive a courier delivery, I tend to use parcel bags just to give them that little more protection in transit. But rather than plastic parcel bags, I use eco-friendly compostable bags! 

Even though much of the paper based packaging I buy is made from recycled paper, I am conscious even with that in mind, the paper needs to be sourced. So I also make a monthly donation to Trees for Cities and their plant a tree scheme on behalf of James' Home of Tone. Trees For Cities are a registered charity, 1032154.

Every detail is considered, and I will always look for better suited, friendlier packaging to use as a business. Thankfully many of you have taken notice of this and complimented it so I really appreciate that and hopefully even us little businesses can make a difference.