Custom made Telecaster style guitar by Jennings Guitars California

Stock feature - 2022 Jennings 'Navigator' La Cabronita inspired build

Next up for my stock feature, is this seriously fun, La Cabronita inspired spec build. This one features a Swamp Ash body finished in a beautiful new colour from Jennings, Satin Fern Green in exposed grain. This we felt this complimented the colour of the roasted quartersawn maple neck (one piece board and neck too) really nicely!
Meet the maker - Mike Wiltshire of Odessa Guitars

Meet the maker - Mike Wiltshire of Odessa Guitars

I feel this is an exciting time to be a fan of guitar design. Sure, there have been many pivotal moments in time where the guitar excelled through both technology and music generational influence too. But for me, we should be thankful for what is happening at the moment, with a rise of the 'boutique' guitar maker paving the way for outside of the box thinking which even the big name manufacturers are paying attention too. 

I've highlighted a few through this interview series who have certainly began to make their mark in the modern guitar world, and have helped fueled my passion and excitement for the business and industry currently. I'm happy to say that one of them, Mike Wiltshire of Odessa Guitars, has agreed to an interview here on the Home of Tone blog!

Odessa Guitars are simplistic in their beauty, with great lines, offset inspired shapes and display Mike's obvious love for guitar making. I'm really glad we could do this interview, and looking forward to learning more about his great, UK based guitar brand!