How much will my postage cost?

When planning a purchase, it's always helpful to know the total cart cost so to help make finding that info as easy as possible, I've added a quick shipping calculator at the shopping cart stage. This saves you having to enter all of your address details through the checkout stage, and you can simply select your destination country and postal/ZIP code, and you'll be presented with the range of shipping options available for the value and weight of the goods in your cart. If you have any specific shipping requirements though, please feel free to drop me an e-mail and we can see what can be done!

Important note for international customers - 
International customers will also need to note that their country will process your import through customs meaning you may be charged additional import duty, VAT and handling charges. These charges aren't of my doing, and won't be covered by James' Home of Tone. These are your responsibility as the importer of the goods to your country. For more information on this, please see some of the details below.

Which shipping services do you offer?
It's really important to me to support fellow local business where I can, and my local post office, 5 minutes walk from my office in Wollaston, doesn't get more local than that. The good people there are at the very top of that list of businesses I will always try to support. Everyday they work hard at ensuring my parcels are processed quickly, efficiently and of course correctly making sure the first step of getting the parcel to you is done right. It's my responsibility to ensure the parcel reaches your doorstep, and I personally trust my post office to do that on my behalf, along with the other choice selection of couriers. All orders are shipped with the correct level of liability cover.

Royal Mail
For lower value orders & low weight (Sub 2kg) items, we offer Royal Mail postage options. The services we offer are 1st Class standard, 1st Class Signed for & Special Delivery depending on the value and total weight/size of the goods in your cart. 

Please not that Items/orders over 2kg total shipping weight cannot be shipped with Royal Mail due to their restrictions. On these occasions we will ship via courier.

I have recently switched to solely using UPS courier. Although their delivery is a little bit more 'old fashioned' so to speak than the likes of DPD who offer hour delivery windows, unfortunately I have encountered so many issues with delays and lost parcels due to the unreliability of DPD Drop off points, that I have decided to solely offer UPS courier options now. I have been using UPS for a few years now and had no issues so far with the Drop off points, which I rely upon until I can justify a daily collection from them. But needless to say, if you place an order or are planning to place an order and have a courier preference, please do get in touch and I can see about doing that for you on an order to order basis, no problem at all!

Courier services in our modern age offer some of the most convenient ways to receive your parcels and online orders. Delivery notifications allowing you to plan your delivery to suit you has made this ideal. We're out at work etc and not always in to receive parcels, that's understandable. So you can choose to have your parcel delivered to one of your local parcel pickup-points, very often most people have one of these located walking distances from your house. Unsure? Check out UPS's website and see if there is a local pickup point to you. You can change delivery dates to one that is more convenient, provide authorisation to leave your parcel in a designated 'safe place' upon delivery, or perhaps to leave with an authorised neighbor. Courier deliveries offer the most convenient delivery method, and I highly recommend selecting this at the checkout. Insurance levels are higher too which is nice should the worst happen.

Internationally, we post smaller (sub 2kg), lower value orders with Royal Mail International Standard, International Tracked & Signed and International Tracked & Signed Plus services depending on value of your order. Heavier items and items over certain values are shipped via UPS depending where you are in this here world! Over time I have come to trust UPS with my orders due to their level of tracking, user friendly delivery and level of liability insurance. 

You can also create a shipping quote with items in your cart if you'd like to estimate a total price before going any further. If you wish to query any shipping prices, or would prefer to have a shipping quote done specifically for your unique order, please do get in touch and I'll do that for you where possible.

Shipping rates are calculated by value of goods in your cart (determining the level of insurance cover required) total weight or volumetric shipping weight, whichever is greater, and overall size of the goods.

Customer Collection
Local to me? Well I also offer the chance to collect your order from me here at the Home of Tone at a convenient time. Please keep in mind that I work part time, but I will contact you asap after your order is placed, to organise a convenient time for you to collect your item/s. Look forward to meeting!

The Post-Brexit EU Trade deal

On Christmas Eve 2020, the UK & EU finally reached an agreement on post-brexit trade, but to be honest it's not really business as usual I'm afraid and there will be some differences on exports for me now. It has essentially become the same as when I export goods to the rest of the world, where I have to declare each item within the parcel and order and provide commercial invoice documents to confirm those too. Downside of this extra processing time is that a lot of couriers and postal services have slightly increased their shipping prices to cover the hands on time having to process more shipments through customs. Don't worry though, I haven't added any costs from my end to do this, so there's no additional handling charges etc from me and don't intend to do so. Any additional time spent preparing international labels and customs documents for clearance will be done in my own time. But I have had to update my shipping rates to correspond to any changes made by the different shipping companies used as per their new tariffs. To be fair though, any changes are pretty minimal across the board to be honest.

The biggest change will be the introduction of import duties and taxes depending on where you are based. I have found out that products with an origin of either within the UK or EU, so products physically produced here will be free of any import duties, but you will still pay the couriers handling fee and the countries VAT rate. But as you can imagine, an awful lot of products aren't made in the UK or EU, so those will still carry an import duty charge too. 
So please do be aware your order will incur additional importing costs by your countries customs clearance which will be payable to them.
I would also recommend applying for an EORI number. These are essentially unique numbers or codes we have that can help with customs clearances. I applied for one when I started the Home of Tone and have had to use it for international imports ever since. Parcels can get delayed should customs request your number from you, so it is worth applying for one now should you not already have one, and it will certainly help in any clearances. If you do have one, feel free to let me know what it is when you place your order and I can include it in the customs documents to help further.

I'll be doing my absolute best to ensure orders have the correct information on the commercial invoices to ensure a trouble free clearance procedure through customs. I am doing my best to keep on top of the rules in place and making sure I know which information needs to be provided to both clear the items through customs which as a result mean you're charged the correct import duties by your countries customs.

I am sorry to see that there are additional costs for you all, I've been very humbled by the support from customers across the EU and I do hope to still see some of you shopping here from time to time. 

Why don't you ship to the USA or Canada?
The majority of my stocked/offered items are made and sourced from the USA & Canada, so for the most part, US & Canadian based customers will find it is more financially beneficial to order direct from those makers/manufacturers. But for items that are made this side of the pond, I do get asked why I don't ship to the USA & Canada. Sadly, due to restrictions by many UK business insurance companies, they won't cover me in selling to customers in the USA & Canada due to substantial differences in consumer laws. So sadly I can't sell to customers based in the USA & Canada. It's rare this comes up due to so many of my products being USA & Canadian made and sourced items. but I thought I'd share the reason why I can't ship here for you. Sorry for that one folks!