Important information

First of all, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for choosing one of my pre-wired harnesses for your guitar. Whether it’s for a long overdue repair, upgrade, modification or a project, I honestly enjoy making them for you all and the response from guitarists since introducing them back in 2015 has helped that enjoyment grow further, so thank you for the continued support.

Here you will find the list of step by step install guides which may help along your fitting process.

Although these diagrams are on public display, where others who haven't purchased a Home of Tone wiring harness can still of course freely use them for reference. It is important to note that the diagrams correspond to my harnesses, and more importantly, the specific components I use within those harness kits. So if you are wiring something up yourself, there is a chance you're using components different to those displayed on these diagrams so they may, or may not match up. So please double check your components, ensure they're the same type as those displayed on my diagrams and used in my kits to help ensure when you follow the diagram you wire it all up correctly. I cannot hold any liability for issues from choosing to follow one of my wiring diagrams as they have been made specifically to accompany the wiring kits I make, these diagrams are free to use and all risk is upon yourself if you wish to reference them to work on your own instrument. 
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Please take care of yourself and your guitar when carrying out any guitar wiring work as James' Home of Tone cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by dangerous or incorrect techniques used.

Harness fitting guide

Home of Tone wiring harness fitting guide - Please read before install

Quick-Tips videos

Helping prepare and make ground wire connections to pot casings

How to safely fit push-on control knobs to split shaft pots

Step-by-Step install useful guides

Fifties Style LP full wiring harness install

Fifties Style SG full wiring harness install

Wiring your guitar's jack socket

Strat style full wiring harness install

Tele Style 3 way wiring harness install

Preparing your Tele neck pickup for 4 way wiring

Tele Style 4 way wiring harness install

Pot grounding/continuity testing and trouble-shooting