Curated by James P Gascoigne, the 'Home of Tone' is a humble collection of guitars, parts & accessories that have been individually selected to be represented here for their quality, design and the brand in question's shared passion for the guitar.

I certainly don't consider the Home of Tone as re-writing the book on guitar store approach, but instead see this venture as writing my own book about what I love about the guitar; the instrument that has provided inspiration in numerous facets of my life from an early age.

All I hope, is that you find the Home of Tone a place share your passion for guitars with me. The stores name is a bit of fun ultimately, but the intention is from the heart and since the humble beginnings in 2015 it seems there are so many of you that can relate to the approach. For that, the least I can say is Thank You.

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2018 Millimetric Instruments MG6 for sale!

2018 Millimetric Instruments MG6 for sale!

Angus reached out to me regarding his beautiful MG6 model, as he has decided to find a new home for it. I really wanted to take it off his hands personally, but not being in the position to currently I offered to help in some way and write this article here on the blog for Millimetric fans and visitors of my website to see in case it might find a happy home with them instead. Angus has decided to sell as the neck width hasn't quite been finding itself comfortable which of course is a personal preference thing, and hopefully the new owner will bond with that in that he wasn't able to. Checking out the specs, it is the same profile, and neck measurements as my personal MGS3 so if anyone isn't local to Angus and wants to get a similar feel for what it would be like feel free to drop me a message, I'll be happy to help.
15 September, 2019 by James P Gascoigne
Gabriel Tenorio Nickel Steel hand wound strings back in stock!

Gabriel Tenorio Nickel Steel hand wound strings back in stock!

Thank you for your patience with this, myself and Gabriel have been working on a method that better caters for the ever increasing demand for his strings here in the UK which has meant much bigger stock orders than originally received. Gabriel has also slightly streamlined his variations of strings meaning the scale lengths aren't as important and these sets will suit a better variety of guitar models than previously done.
For this first large stock order batch I have the mega popular JM50 and JM46 Jazzmaster sets, alongside the 11-49s, Super 10s, Bigsby 11-52s, UK Heavys for bigsbys and floating trem guitars, and Jag 11-52s!

Further stock orders being planned and hopefully we can see a much more consistent stock level here to help keep those who are big fans of these round core strings nicely catered for!

Thanks to Gabriel, and thanks for your continued support of these great strings as the players!
01 September, 2019 by James P Gascoigne
New shirts!

New shirts!

This shirt idea came about for a few reasons. Firstly, I love those late 90s Independent Trucks brand skateboard shirts, and this design started life as an idea to capture some of the vibes from those awesome designs I loved so much. 
15 August, 2019 by James P Gascoigne

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