Curated and run by James Gascoigne, the 'Home of Tone' is a humble collection of guitars parts & accessories that have been individually selected to be represented here for their quality, design and the brand in question's shared passion for the guitar.

I certainly don't consider the Home of Tone as re-writing the book on guitar store approach, but instead see this venture as writing my own book about what I love about the guitar; the instrument that has provided inspiration in numerous facets of my life from an early age.

All I hope is that you find the Home of Tone a place share your passion for guitars with me. The stores name is a bit of fun ultimately, but the intention is from the heart and since the humble beginnings in 2015 it seems there are so many of you that can relate to the approach. Having served over 5000 customers so far, the support has been overwhelming and for that, the least I can say is Thank You and I look forward to chatting with you!

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Home of Tone Blog

Customer sale - Fender Limited Edition USA Cabronita

Customer sale - Fender Limited Edition USA Cabronita

A good customer has decided to sell this utterly stunning limited edition Fender USA Cabronita, I would for sure snap this up for myself if I was in a better position to! I had the pleasure of doing some work to this guitar a while back and it really grabbed my attention and has stuck with me since!
18 January, 2022 by James P Gascoigne
John Cordy takes the SX 'SST62+' for a spin!

John Cordy takes the SX 'SST62+' for a spin!

I sent my demo model SX Guitars 'SST62+' down to John Cordy for a couple of video clips and he kindly took the time to make his own video for his channel. Really appreciate his honest thoughts, beautiful playing and time to do this!
19 November, 2021 by James P Gascoigne
James Thain Music - SX SST62+ demo and review video!

James Thain Music - SX SST62+ demo and review video!

James is a player I greatly admire, and an all round good human which I've been grateful to get to know over my time of running the Home of Tone. I approached him about whether he'd be interested in filming some stuff with the new SX Guitars 'SST62+' models that I have recently begun representing and here we are! He has kindly taken the time to film this review and demo video of his own work, alongside some clips for me in an upcoming video I'm putting together which is great! Appreciate his work and honesty here in the video, hope you do too!
29 October, 2021 by James P Gascoigne