Curated by James P Gascoigne, the 'Home of Tone' is a humble collection of guitars, parts & accessories that have been individually selected to be represented here for their quality, design and the brand in question's shared passion for the guitar.

I certainly don't consider the Home of Tone as re-writing the book on guitar store approach, but instead see this venture as writing my own book about what I love about the guitar; the instrument that has provided inspiration in numerous facets of my life from an early age.

All I hope, is that you find the Home of Tone a place share your passion for guitars with me. The stores name is a bit of fun ultimately, but the intention is from the heart and since the humble beginnings in 2015 it seems there are so many of you that can relate to the approach. For that, the least I can say is Thank You.

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Guitar Magazine video demo of our Millimetric Instruments MGS2!

Guitar Magazine video demo of our Millimetric Instruments MGS2!

This was a very pleasant surprise, as I didn't realise it had been released! Sam at Guitar Magazine put together this beautiful video showing our demo model, Millimetric MGS2. I personally feel it's a great complimentary video to our existing simple clean tone videos, as this demo shows it through a variety of effects and a lovely mix of open chords and playing. Hearing a guitar in a variety of ways can be really helpful, and this video fits in so nicely with what videos I have already made of the guitar, along with what videos I still have planned with it (lots of different drives!).
Really enjoyed the video, and a genuine surprise to see it as I wasn't aware it had been released so totally passed me by! Doh!
16 January, 2020 by James P Gascoigne
Green Sofa Chronicles demo the McNelly Duckling & A5 Signature Plus set!

Green Sofa Chronicles demo the McNelly Duckling & A5 Signature Plus set!

Jari reached out to me in November of 2019 expressing his interest in ordering a set of McNelly Pickups for his Suhr Classic T guitar. 
After some discussion, Jari decided to give the Duckling neck position pickup along with a A5 Signature Plus pairing (which happens to be a personal favourite set for a Tele). Well, I heard from Jari again yesterday who let me know about his new YouTube demo channel along with an amazing A/B comparison video he has kindly made featuring his new McNelly Pickups! Both the Suhr and McNelly sets sound great here, so it was great to hear them side by side which is always useful for pickup buyers and Tele fans alike. 
Thanks very much to Jari for making this video, and I wish him all the best with his new channel! I've linked below if you like the look of this video and wish to subscribe to his work.
05 January, 2020 by James P Gascoigne
Meet the maker - Leila Sidi of Tunatone Instruments

Meet the maker - Leila Sidi of Tunatone Instruments

If you've followed the Home of Tone for any length of time, I'm sure you'll have noticed my admiration & appreciation of luthiers who forge their own path through guitar design and their approach to building. I love seeing a luthier display influences from outside of the guitar world, and I particularly love to see a designer & builder's own personality apparent in their final works. After all, so many of those early guitar designs that have been coveted so much since their inception started this way, with perhaps Leo Fender being one of the greatest examples of this. His iconic designs originated from the mind of a non-musician, a designer and inventor who felt like he could contribute to the music world, and that he certainly did. So with that being said, we still need those people who think ahead, the people who wish to think outside of the traditional box whilst being respectful of it to help keep the guitar world exciting and innovative. Someone who has appeared to me to encapsulate that from following her work for a while now, has been Leila Sidi of Tunatone Instruments. So it seemed fitting for me to get back to my 'meet the maker' blog series by reaching out to Leila and speaking about her work!
04 December, 2019 by James P Gascoigne

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