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Millimetric Instruments MGS2 Spec run down

Millimetric Instruments MGS2 Spec run down

Following on from my visual taster video of what the MGS2 has to offer, it's good time to run through some of the real nitty gritty with the technical specifications of our demonstration model here to enjoy.

I want to say a quick thank you to those of you who watched the aforementioned video, I had so much fun making it and it marked a really special occasion for me personally and for the Home of Tone. Working towards that moment was the culmination of over a year's work, from myself and Florian deciding to work together, to dialling in how is best to represent the brand, to seeing the build come to life and so, so much more in between. It meant a lot to me to mark the occasion with a video I really enjoyed making. So thank you for watching it!

Now, as promised, let's get into the specs!

31 March, 2019 by James P Gascoigne
MGS2 video now live!

MGS2 video now live!

A quick thank you to everyone who watching it stream live for the first time on YouTube, first time trying their premiere feature and it was good fun!

But it's now on YouTube for good, to enjoy whenever you please!

This video is the first of a series of videos I planned for the MGS2. This being a visual taster of the design, which will be followed by spec run down's and demos!se!
25 March, 2019 by James P Gascoigne
Millimetric Instruments MGS2 advert live stream!

Millimetric Instruments MGS2 advert live stream!

Hi folks, hope you're all well! At the tail end of last week, I filmed a video of our beautiful Millimetric Instruments MGS2 and I've decided to live stream the premiere over on YouTube tomorrow night!
So Monday, 25th March at 20:00GMT, you'll be able to watch the video with me, with live comments too so come along for a few minutes and let's bask in the beauty of the Millimetric design!

If you're not already subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you can visit it here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8u0bJXpWp-pJrKG4V4ZwsQ/featured

Look forward to you joining me tomorrow evening!
24 March, 2019 by James P Gascoigne

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