Curated and run by James Gascoigne, the 'Home of Tone' is a humble collection of guitars parts & accessories that have been individually selected to be represented here for their quality, design and the brand in question's shared passion for the guitar.

I certainly don't consider the Home of Tone as re-writing the book on guitar store approach, but instead see this venture as writing my own book about what I love about the guitar; the instrument that has provided inspiration in numerous facets of my life from an early age.

All I hope is that you find the Home of Tone a place share your passion for guitars with me. The stores name is a bit of fun ultimately, but the intention is from the heart and since the humble beginnings in 2015 it seems there are so many of you that can relate to the approach. Having served over 5000 customers so far, the support has been overwhelming and for that, the least I can say is Thank You and I look forward to chatting with you!

Signature Series harnesses

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Home of Tone Blog

Update for International customers regarding importing

Since January 1st, importing and exporting changed for us (by us I mean consumers all across UK and Europe). It has been a frustrating time which hasn't eased up much at all with delays still happening on international shipments and in particular, delays through customs clearances.
I do still get the same messages of concern and questions about the process even 6 months on, why they've received a customs invoice, why the parcel is delayed at customs etc. Although this has been mainstream news for some time now, I do respect this may possibly be a first time import for some customers. So in light of that I want to share a page/article I put together back in January to help provide as much information as I can to help ensure you're aware of the process and possible costs involved. I spent a lot of time researching and making sure this information would be as helpful as possible, and feel it covers what an importer needs to know and what to expect both in the process and costs involved.
12 June, 2021 by James P Gascoigne
Brand new overdrive from Redbeard Effects, the Angry Rhubarb!

Brand new overdrive from Redbeard Effects, the Angry Rhubarb!

Mikey at Redbeard Effects launched his new pedal yesterday (8th June 2021), a highly versatile new overdrive called the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII! And much like the two pedals before this one, it very much hit the ground running!
09 June, 2021 by James P Gascoigne
Two new strat wiring kits join the Signature Series range!

Two new strat wiring kits join the Signature Series range!

I wanted to share the news that I have introduced two new harnesses to my Strat wiring kit range. One is inspired by the Eric Johnson Strat wiring specs, and the other is unique as far as I am aware and don't know of anyone else offering this variation, but it was an idea I had to find a way to create a no compromise combination of my personal favourite modern and vintage style Strat wiring specs.
29 May, 2021 by James P Gascoigne