Curated and run by James Gascoigne, the 'Home of Tone' is a humble collection of guitars parts & accessories that have been individually selected to be represented here for their quality, design and the brand in question's shared passion for the guitar.

I certainly don't consider the Home of Tone as re-writing the book on guitar store approach, but instead see this venture as writing my own book about what I love about the guitar; the instrument that has provided inspiration in numerous facets of my life from an early age.

All I hope is that you find the Home of Tone a place share your passion for guitars with me. The stores name is a bit of fun ultimately, but the intention is from the heart and since the humble beginnings in 2015 it seems there are so many of you that can relate to the approach. Having served over 5000 customers so far, the support has been overwhelming and for that, the least I can say is Thank You and I look forward to chatting with you!

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'Reverse' Logarithmic pots - As a left handed player are they 'right' for me?

'Reverse' Logarithmic pots - As a left handed player are they 'right' for me?

Since first making my wiring kits, as well as stocking individual parts for replacement, I knew I wanted to offer options for left handed instruments and customers too.

After speaking with a number of left handed players to get a feel for their requirements and preferences, it became quickly apparent that there really is no 'standard' spec when it comes to what manufacturers use in new left handed instruments, nor was there a preferred choice by players either when it comes to which pots to use aftermarket. It's easy for right handed players like myself to take it for granted, that if we head to a shop and pick up a guitar, we know how the pots will function in terms of their turn direction, there is an industry standard that seldom deviates. But something as simple as which way the pots work just isn't the same for left handed players, and I think these manufacturer inconsistencies are perhaps in part to blame for the vague nature of the information out there.

10 September, 2021 by James P Gascoigne
A new payment option arrives at the Home of Tone - Clearpay!

A new payment option arrives at the Home of Tone - Clearpay!

You may have noticed a new little detail on each product listing and at the checkout, the addition of 'Clearpay' payment options! I have had a number of requests from customers recently asking if there were any installment options available which can be particularly useful for people to spread costs a little easier. After some discussions with the people at Clearpay, it seems like a great option to offer so here's a little introduction to what they will provide here as an alternative payment method going forward.
08 September, 2021 by James P Gascoigne
Introducing the Very Good Amp Co, and their EP Drive V3 pedal to the Home of Tone!

Introducing the Very Good Amp Co, and their EP Drive V3 pedal to the Home of Tone!

Handbuilt and designed by Jon Armellino in Denver, CO USA, the EP Drive offers the classic EP3 style pre-amp tone, in a versatile drive pedal. Jon is passionate about amp and pedal circuits, starting the Very Good Amp Co in 2020 and gaining a good following quickly due to this fantastic first pedal in his range. I'm really pleased to be stocking this great sounding, versatile drive and pre-amp pedal, considering this is an early release for a new company, things look incredibly bright and it's great to be on board!
26 August, 2021 by James P Gascoigne