Even though my business is predominantly online, my local area has been really important to me for a number of reasons. I do have a growing local customer base with guitars being dropped off for setup and wiring work for example, but I have had many customers travel to see me too, many stopping by the local town etc to make the journey worth while. So I thought it might be cool to share some of my favourite local Stourbridge businesses and places to visit, shine a light on many of the superb small businesses in the area that I look up to here. 

Record Culture -  
Based right in Stourbridge town centre (Market Street), Record Culture is an independent record shop specialising in new music, but they stock a wicked collection spreading further than that too. What more, they serve seriously good coffee too. Recommend a visit for sure!

Liquid Audio
Speaking of records, there is also an amazing hi-fi specialist and repairer based locally. Although there isn't a walk in shop, (although Craig often has a display deck on display at Record Culture which is a nice cross-over!) I still highly recommend the quality of equipment offered if you love to listen to your music with the best systems! Specialist in Linn LP12s!

Danielle is an incredibly talented local guitarist and tutor who offers professional guitar, banjo and mandolin lessons to students of all ages in the Stourbridge area. Fully qualified to be able to help students progress through grades should they wish too. Highly recommended!

FeatBeat Drums
Jon contacted me recently and let me know about his fellow Stourbridge based (well, Kinver specifically!) handmade drum company! Thought that was too cool not to share on here and show off some of the wicked makers in the Stourbridge area for musicians. 

The Hop Vault
Just next door to Record Culture sits a superb bottle shop, huge selection of unique drinks so if you like to (responsibly!) enjoy a beverage and like to try something different, this place is superb

We absolutely love this place! Whether you're veggie, vegan or not, they service some superb meals (takeaway but there is some seating inside) and we as regularly as we can get our pureato fix! 

Stourbridge Music Centre
A family run music shop that has been a staple visit when in the town, located on lower high street, I would frequent here when I was in college in Stourbridge. Great selection of musical instruments, sheet music and pianos too, so if you're visiting me, swinging by another local music shop comes recommended for sure! Matt is a great guy and I highly recommend supporting this great local music shop, celebrating 40 years in business in 2023 too!

Kingsbridge Bar -
A really nice bar, owned by some neighbours of ours! Kingsbridge is based near to the Home of Tone office, here in Wollaston. If you're after some lunch or a drink, then we highly recommend visiting them. Bridgnorth Road, Wollaston

A great, uniquely designed live music venue right on the high street in Stourbridge. They host some great bands and artists, so worth keeping an eye on their pages! 

Nickolls & Perks
One of, if not the oldest continually run business in Stourbridge, Nickolls & Perks based on Lower High Street in their iconic and beautiful old building and a wine/spirit merchant. So if you're visiting the area and are interested in that, or just to have a look, buy a gift for someone, then it's well worth a visit. 

Based in the Ryemarket centre in Stourbridge town centre, eco maniax is a superb zero waste shop. They have an amazing selection of useful items and quality produce etc. Great to see a place like this locally and see them do so well. 

Future Primate Studios
Based in a neighboring area to Stourbridge, Hagley; Future Primate Studios is a superbly well equipped recording studio space so if you are in a band looking to record, I would recommend reaching out to FPS for your recording needs and supporting another great Stourbridge based business. 

Secret Love
Definitely one of the coolest shop fronts in Stourbridge, situated a few doors down from Hop Vault and Record Culture, Secret Love is a very cool vintage/pre-loved clothing store. Great vibe and a lovely independent business.

Katherine's Sourdough
Perhaps not one for a distance traveler into Stourbridge, but definitely one for the locals reading this. Katherine is such a talented, passionate baker and she makes some incredible Sourdough based items locally (Hagley). Keep an eye on her site and social media and make sure you snag a spot on her weekly bake sale order form! Well worth it, and Katherine is ace too. 

There are more I will add to this over time, help share the great community of small and family run businesses in the area. I look up to them all!