If there's one thing I absolutely love about guitars, it's getting one playing, feeling and sounding as good as it deserves to be. 

If you're local to me (Stourbridge, West Midlands) I offer a selection of in house services on guitars such as Set-Ups, minor service work, pickup swaps, fret dresses, wiring/harness installs if you like my Signature Series harness range but don't fancy reaching for the soldering iron yourself just yet for example. If you need some more substantial repair work, I have listed some techs I know and trust for this below to hopefully help!

James' Home of Tone

My full set-up includes neck relief, action and intonation adjustment to suit you and get the best out of the guitar. Full fret polish + fret board cleaned and oiled. Full clean and polish, including removal of any hardware in particular that is fatigued for a complete clean and re-fit. Pickup height adjustment to either manufacturer recommendations or to get a good balance between the set. Plus a general once over to make sure everything is as it should be, eg electronics check. I will level out the neck and check for high frets, but if any do require work I will further quote on that. If any additional work is required upon inspection, I will update and quote accordingly.

Home of Tone set-up - £40 inc VAT plus strings

Fret level, crown and polish - starting at £40 inc VAT if done as part of setup service

Pickup Swap - Depending on instrument and task, prices start from £25 inc VAT plus pickups 

Electronics Install - Labour for removal of old wiring, and fitting of one of our own harnesses or fresh install, prices from £25 inc VAT plus parts

James' Home of Tone

I have over 20 years experience of playing and toying with guitars meaning your guitar will be in very safe (and very caring!) hands. I am also fully insured.

If you're interested in a Home of Tone set up, then drop by the contact box or e-mail me at james@homeoftone.co.uk and get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

James' Home of Tone

Endorsements and reviews - 
Luke Evans - 
“James has worked his way through my collection and has squeezed every ounce of playability out of each one. From straightforward clean down and setup, to a 7 string multiscale project which included a complete new harness, pickups, fret dress and a seriously head banging couple of days to get the intonation bang on.

Can’t recommend him enough, very helpful and an experienced craftsman”

Ashley Oakes - 
" James it plays absolutely wonderfully! Thank you. The set up you provided also made a huge difference in comparison to how it arrived to you. Also, never played with these strings and they're brilliant (Elixir Optiweb). Feels like a new guitar"

Andy Baker - 
"Thanks for all your help with it. Plays better now, and the new wiring harness really has brought out the best from the pickup. I'm loving it at the mo!"

Guitar set-up work Stourbridge

Steve Houchen - 
"Harmony H77 rework November 2018. I travelled some distance to find ‘Home of Tone’ there were many closer options but I just liked James’s obvious passion for guitars. Thanks to James’s attention to detail and obvious love of the instrument my 1964 H77 Harmony is now back in the studio and sounding awesome. A ‘not so straight forward’ full rewire, cosmetic overhaul and set up were carried out with real care and I was totally kept informed with progress as the work was undertaken. A thoroughly great guy who loves and understands how to get the best out of the guitar.  Thanks James I hope to keep in touch."

Marc Cartwright - 
Hey James. Wowsers!!! the jazzmaster is amazing....

It's totally transformed, it sounds and feels like a totally different instrument than before.   Such a massive improvement, it sounds just so lovely.
It feels so great to play now, the action is just perfect and the strings are  really great.
Thank you for all your work on it - it's a lovely beast now - and i'm totally in love with it !!"

Ali Malik - 
"Hi james, just wanted to give you an update, the guitar sounds and plays so well, I can't put it down! You're a wizard and I appreciate all the hard work you've put into it."

Craig Sterry - 

"James recently made me a replacement nut for my custom 7 string electric guitar. 
Not only did he keep me up to date with emails and pictures of the work he did, he turned it around in double-quick time for a modest price. 
The quality of the finished job is spot on and the guitar plays even better than before.

Highly recommended."

Need more substantial repair work carrying out?
I have come to know and respect a number of talented guitar repairers in my time and am more than happy to recommend their work if you need something more substantial than the services I offer. These are local to me, and not so local to me, but all well deserve a shout out for their level of work. Hopefully they can help if you do need more significant repair work carrying out.

Andy Charles Guitars - Birmingham
Monty's Guitars - Cheltenham
81 Guitar Works - Leeds
Jack's Instrument Services - Manchester

Please get in touch!