The most incredible guitar show around the world? Quite possibly...

I'll be putting together some more in depth coverage of my weekend spent at The Holy Grail Guitar Show held in Berlin, which was a mind opening experience. But in the mean time I couldn't help but post this photo which sums up the weekend for me...

Friends, mutual respect and admiration, energy and passion for the guitar and in particular, the craft of guitar making. That is what I've come away from this incredible show feeling, inspired by it all. There's nothing quite like it and it was pretty inspiring seeing such a vast collection of what makes me excited about the guitar some 20+ years on since first getting hooked.

The incredibly talented, Tom Sands Guitars hanging out at the Millimetric Instruments table, getting to know the insane Baritone version of their MGS3 model. The avid follower of my blog will note there have been 'Meet the Maker' interviews by myself on both of these luthiers, so it was great to all get together.

Stay tuned for my full coverage of the event, over on Instagram, Facebook and of course, here too!

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