Friends of James' Home of Tone
Over the years of doing this, I've come to be friends with, and admire certain people within the guitar industry that just personify what to me, makes the community great. Be it respect of their craftsmanship and how they portray their businesses, to amazing and innovative content to just all round good people that are always striving to make the guitar community great. In today's day and age, social media or forums can have their negative side with 'trolls' making the comments sections a minefield of frustration. So it's good to champion people who are forever working to make it a better place, inadvertently or intentionally, it's a great thing! I hope my store captures some of that too! But here are some of the pages to check out which I feel you'd enjoy doing so:

I also want to share that I have now set up a monthly donation on behalf of James' Home of Tone and my supportive customers, to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. They offer support, guidance and opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to create a fairer society in which everyone can succeed. "A lot has changed since Stephen Lawrence’s murder in a racist attack in 1993, but some things have stayed the same. Too many young people still struggle to succeed because they are disadvantaged by factors beyond their control, such as where they are born, the school they go to, or any discrimination they may face.". I hope that in coming months & years, I can also run fundraising events in further support of this great charity. Thank you for supporting me, James' Home of Tone, and helping making the monthly donation possible.

Molyneaux Guitars
My good friend Dan began his guitar making journey and has recently given his brand, Molyneaux Guitars a more formal launch!

Jackson Brooksby
I remember well, Jackson reaching out early on in his demo channel journey and we've stayed in contact since. He has done an incredible job with his channel, with a welcoming, honest approach to his content and at a very high quality too which is a testament to his work ethic and passion for the guitar. Highly recommend hitting the subscribe button to his YouTube account!

Heavy Repping
I met John through our mutual ownership of our beloved Odessa Guitars Deadbeats, of which his build massively influenced the look of my own build! John runs a really interesting and well thought out blog, looking into the world of guitar picks. He's a super passionate guy and I often feel inspired by his passion for the guitar. If you're considering branching away from the celluloid pick and want to learn more about 'boutique' picks, you will find his blog very informative.

NRG Effects
Neil is an incredibly talented guitar effects pedal circuit designer and maker, I'm a big fan of his approach, outlook, brand and products. Highly recommend checking them out!

Tom Sands Guitars
I have absolutely no doubt in my mind and experience so far in the guitar world, that Tom is one of the finest luthiers in the world today. From a deep respect to traditional methods passed down to him from his mentor, Ervin Somogyi, to his own innovative work and inspiration from his peers. Tom has a natural affinity to luthiery, and I can truly say it's been an honour to grow a friendship from our time first speaking. Even if steel string acoustics aren't your thing, I will urge you to follow his work on his website or social media as I'd be astonished if you didn't find his approach, personality and outlook on life and luthiery inspiring. Go check it out!

Schorr Guitars
I came to admire Nicolai's work through Florian at Millimetric Instruments. His approach, unique design and by-hand craftsmanship had me hooked straight away and since getting to know Nicolai as a person too, after meeting in Berlin at the Holy Grail guitar show, I have an even deeper respect for his work. Great human, incredible work. Well worth checking out

TR Music
A West Midlands independent guitar store that I greatly admire. Stocking a great range of brands, I particularly like how James chooses the extra cool special run Fender and Squier models over the more common standard models, makes for interesting and unique stock! I really admire their approach, community spirit and is a shop I highly recommend.

C-Jay's Guitar Amp repairs
Many of you ask about guitar amp repairs, so I'm happy to share a great local business specialising in guitar amp, valve amp repair etc with C-Jay's! based in Walsall so not to far at all from Stourbridge if you're local.

John Nathan Cordy
I first got to speak to John via our mutual friend, Jon at Loaded For Bear Audio and it resulted in us working together for some videos of our Millimetric Instruments MGS2. I'm honestly in awe of John's incredible guitar playing which is very inspiring to me. He's also the most humble guy I've met I think! So sharing his work, is something I'm more than happy to do!

I love Aldo's YouTube channel, it's full of inspiring sounds and music and he was kind enough to collaborate with me by using our demo Millimetric Instruments MGS2 on a series of his 'random jams' series on the channel too. I highly recommend enjoying his music!