Welcome to James' Home of Tone!

I've had a deeply rooted passion for guitars for over 20 years, and it's certainly showing no sign of going away any time soon.

This is me and my wife Emma, so you know who is behind the scenes!

James' Home of Tone

My guitar store is a place to share your equal passion for guitars with me. A place to hunt down your dream tone, refine your equipment and do so from a guy who loves guitars as much as you. 

My idea here is to only stock items I would use and trust myself. Guitars that are beautifully well made, heirloom quality is the best way to describe them, using the best components and materials. Parts and accessories I'd use on my own equipment. Items you can rely on for quality, as that's what I look for most when buying personally. I've chosen all of the items listed on the website personally for their quality, not their margin.

I set out to find brands to offer in my boutique that represented the same outlook as myself and my store. This has resulting in me being able to work alongside fantastic brands like McNelly Pickups, Jennings Guitars, Mother Mary Co, D&A, Gruv Gear, Diamond Bottlenecks, Gravity Picks, Gts.Co Strings, Yellowcake Effects, Dunlop, Elixir, LM Products and many more. I have faith in all of the brands I offer, faith in their quality and their hunt for great tone like I have. 

The Home of Tone is my part time passion, and work through inquiries upon an evening and selected days. Please bare that in mind when awaiting a reply to an inquiry.

Although I don't have a walk in shop for you to visit, as we are mail order based, I am 110% driven on making sure you have an enjoyable visit to my webstore and try to be as informative about the products as I can.
We do however also have a small office/showroom which we are more than happy to offer viewings of guitars or other items by appointment only. So if there is something you're particularly interested in trying out drop us a message via the contact box on this page, we'd love to hang out!

Thank you so much for dropping by my Home of Tone, I hope you enjoy your visit!
If you have any questions, wish to speak with us about anything we offer or for any helps & tips, Please do drop us an e-mail at james@homeoftone.co.uk or use the contact box below. Due to other work commitments I have, I can't always get to the phone and have subsequently taken my phone number off here to save any missed calls I haven't been able to get to, so please e-mail with your inquiry or contact details and if you'd prefer to speak on the phone I will give you a call as soon as I can. 

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Please get in touch!