Welcome to James' Home of Tone!
I've had a passion for guitars for over 20 years, and it's certainly showing no sign of going away any time soon.
This is me, so you know who is behind the scenes!

James from James' Home of Tone

My boutique guitar store is a place to share your passion for guitars with me. A place to hunt down your dream tone, refine your equipment and do so from a guy who loves guitars as much as you. 
My idea here is to only stock items I would use and trust myself. Parts and accessories I'd only use on my own equipment. Items you can rely on for quality, as that's what I look for most when buying personally.
I set out to find brands to offer in my boutique that represented the same outlook as myself and my store. This has resulting in me being able to work alongside fantastic brands like McNelly Pickups, Walsh Guitars, Diamond Bottlenecks, Gravity Picks, Gts.Co Strings, Mule Resophonic, GraphTech, TonePros, Dunlop, Schaller and many more. I have faith in all of the brands I offer, faith in their quality and their hunt for tone like I have. 

Although I don't have a walk in shop for you to visit, as we are mail order based, I am 110% driven on making sure you have an enjoyable visit to my webstore and try to be as informative about the products as I can. We happily offer viewings of guitars or other items by appointment and will very soon be able to do so in our private showroom! So if there is something you're particularly interested in trying out drop us an e-mail, we'd love to hang out!

Thank you so much for dropping by my Home of Tone, I hope you enjoy your visit!
If you have any questions, wish to speak with us about anything we offer or for any helps & tips. Please do drop us an e-mail at james@homeoftone.co.uk or use the contact box below. Or call (+44) 07584 947 291

Friends of James' Home of Tone
Over the years I've come to be friends with, and admire certain people in the guitar industry that just personify what it's all about. A mixture of timeless design, luthier work and passion for tone with innovative ideas and pushing boundaries. 
I hope my store captures some of that, and also offers it with the products I stock and the set up work I offer. So here are some of the pages to check out which I feel you'd enjoy doing so:

McNelly Pickups - Hand made in Canada
Innovative, classic and stunning hand made guitar and bass pickups. Lucky enough to be UK distributor for these and represent Tim McNelly's work over here.

Mule Resophonic
I've been admiring Matt Eich's work for a while now and what he is making over in his workshop in Michigan, USA is nothing short of incredible. We are now a dealer for Mule Resophonic with guitars steadily on the way over to us here at Home of Tone.

Rift Amplification
I'm a firm believer in supporting businesses who are absolute masters of their craft, Chris at Rift Amps is one of those people. Hand wired, boutique amplifiers made here in the UK, Oxfordshire to be precise. We use Chris' amps for our demo video work, and are very proud to do so.

15 Second Gear Demo
There's an absolute wealth of gear demo accounts, pages and channels these days but Dan's for me really stands out. Well recorded, great playing and straight to the point! I'll be working with Dan on our own videos and I'm really excited about it! But in the mean time do make sure you head over to his channel and click subscribe!

ODFU Clothing
Kevin at ODFU has been incredibly helpful to us in designing our new look, logo and of course the super badass t-shirt we released to raise money for Mind Charity. If you liked that shirt, be sure to check out the others ODFU have to offer.

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James from James' Home of Tone

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