Pre-Wired Guitar wiring harness | Les Paul toggle switch kit


The toggle switches on a Les Paul take on some serious use over the years, becoming a little noisy or loose feeling meaning sometimes it's just best to replace them. If you're not too confident with a soldering iron, it can be a frustrating task. I've had these harnesses available as an add on when ordering a Les Paul pot harness so have decided to make them available on their own too.
Depending on your intentions/preferences, I now offer the LP toggle switch harness wired 'traditionally' with outer braided wire, or with cloth covered wire and a separate ground. Neither is superior to the other, it comes down to your preferences, what wiring style you have in the guitar already or perhaps your intentions for the re-wire.

Signature Series Specs
- Switchcraft short frame 3 way toggle switch
- Pure Tone Multi contact jack socket

Individual lead-outs - 22AWG cloth covered Gavitt USA wire
Traditional braided style - Gavitt USA 22AWG braided wire

HERE is my fitting tips and guide which is a must read for any pre-wired harnesses orders.

They are each handwired by me, using quality and trusted components. I have opted to use the short frame version of Switchcrafts 3 way toggle as I have found from experience that it fits within the toggle cavity of a LP much better, meaning wires aren't squished in there, and also the threaded part is much longer meaning you won't need an additional recessed nut to fit. You can use the spin on nut provided with the switch. The switch also comes with a cream tip as standard. Alternative colour switch tips are available in the hardware section of the website.
A great solution to replacing your LPs 3 way toggle with minimal soldering required.

Delivery time
The waiting time is around 2-4 working days depending on quantity of current orders and repair jobs in at the time. I'll always endeavor to turn orders around quicker and your order will be updated accordingly :)