Jennings Guitars Announce 'Navigator' - Their homage to an icon
After months of work, I was really pleased to see Jennings announce their latest guitar, The Navigator last week. I was lucky enough to be sent quite a few teaser photos whilst Chad & Devin were working on this model, and you could definitely tell they weren't content with simply making another 'Tele'. Sure, it would be very important to be true to the design, the reason why the Tele works as well as it does after all! But do so with their own stamp, as well as an interesting ethos behind why they wanted to approach a classic design as opposed to another unique shape to their lineup.

Jennings Guitars Tradesman

They wanted their T-Style builds to have the very same quality of craftsmanship, same high quality of parts and electronics used throughout, but with the build process streamlined allowing them to make it an affordable model in their line-up. I truly believe they have succeeded with what is a high end, Californian, hands on made instrument.

Jennings Guitars Navigator

It features their usual spec of McNelly Pickups, with the A2 Signature neck pickup and A5 Signature bridge model. Two pickups models that are incredibly popular from the McNelly line-up. A swamp ash body, with an exposed grain stain finish in either Olympic white, black, sonic blue or butterscotch. It will also be available with a maple neck with maple fingerboard, or for US customers, with a Rosewood fretboard, both with a more modern 9.5" radius.

Jennings Guitars Navigator

The cool part is they have been able to produce this, to the same hands on craftsmanship, for a $1500 retail price tag. I am going to be working with the guys to try and bring these to the UK for an equal value, and will update on that accordingly. But mainly wanted to announce the new model for this hardworking, passionate guitar brand and share a few photos!

Jennings Guitars The Tradesman Tele

The purpose behind the build was to build something familiar, high quality and open sounding. They chose a really thin satin exposed grain finish to allow the guitar to be more vocal, but it does look rather stunning too as I'm a sucker for their open grain finishes and this is no exception. 

Jennings Guitars Navigator

Judging by the breathtaking quality of craftsmanship of the first two Jennings Guitars I've personally played and have available here, with that level of work applied to this T-Style build, I'm confident to say this will be a fantastic workhorse guitar that will stand the test of time. Just like it's iconic inspiration.

For more info on the Navigator, feel free to get in touch and I'd love to help. If you're reading this and you're based in the US, be sure to contact Chad Jennings direct!



Edward Elbert Sigler @ Outta Control

Edward Elbert Sigler @ Outta Control said:

This is a beautiful instrument. Have you thought about phasing

in a couple of humbuckers with the single coils?

James Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

HI Edward! Thanks for your time reading the blog post and kind words about the Jennings Navigator!
Absolutely, well custom orders are now being taken for the Navigator model, so any pickup combinations to your tastes can be catered for!

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