McNelly Black Friday new model release!
For this year's black Friday, we have officially launched a range of pickups which have always been available, but upon special request previously, making them part of the main line-up!

The new models are - 

The JM90s - Based on McNelly’s standard P90s, but made to install under Jazzmaster covers. You'll have increased output and fatter tone than a typical JM, plus the lovely neck/bridge balance that the McNelly P90s are known for.
McNelly JM90

HB size SparkleTrons - I've had these listed on the website for  alittle white, but time to make an official release! Vintage style Trons have a unique voice, but also a unique size that isn't nearly as common as the ubiquitous PAF style. With HB sized SparkleTrons, your options just opened waaay up! We use the same magnets and wind them just like the vintage size. Your normal humbucker routes and mounting rings deserve Sparkletron love too!
McNelly humbucker sized Sparkletron

Musicmaster double pole pickup - Another pickup I've had on my own website for a little while, but have now made an official release of this awesome upgrade Musicmaster/Bronco bass pickup.
McNelly Musicmaster Bronco bass pickup

51P double pole pickupThe double pole version of the single coil P-Bass pickup is a sort of split coil P Bass and Jazz Bass. The additional poles give it more output and tighter low end that you get from a Jazz Bass, but the growl of a P Bass pickup.
McNelly double pole single coil 51 P bass pickup

HB models available in JM size - This is another I've had listed for a while, but with McNelly now announcing it officially as part of the standard line-up we felt it was worth a mention! The full  humbucker McNelly pickup range is now available in Jazzmaster sizing! They make for an easier swap that doesn't require a full pickguard replacement.
McNelly Jazzmaster humbucker pickup

Bridge model of the Duckling - The ever popular Duckling neck pickup can now have a matching bridge position! This I'm really excited about as the Duckling neck pickup is one of the most popular Tele options, and offering a matching bridge position is a really cool option. No picture just yet, but I'll update asap!

Duel Blade Strat size - Another I'm really excited about, is that the awesome Duel Blade, usually found in Tele bridge position, is now available for all Strat positions! So as a monster full set, or in the most popular bridge position, you can now add some rail humbucker tones to your strat without the need for routing or a new pickguard with direct drop in sizing.
McNelly Duel Blade strat pickup

Stagger Swagger V2 - Also, after many months of tweaking and testing, we can officially announce the Stagger Swagger V2! These have been rolling out for the past few months alread, so don't worry if you've recently had a Stagger Swagger, it will be the further improved V2 you have received. There are so many aspects that have made the Stagger Swagger such a modern classic with so many players and guitar makers, so why the need to improve? McNelly are always developing ideas, and tested out a couple of changes and was absolutely floored with the results. A V2 had to be done so the world can enjoy them! The V2s have a little more output than before, but they keep the chime that has made them so popular in the first place.
McNelly Stagger Swagger V2

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