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About Pre-Wired Harnesses
I wrote an extensive article about replacing your guitar's wiring harness, answering the main questions about each component and the potential differences and improvements that can be had in doing so. To read the full article, click 

Pre-Wired harnesses offer a great solution to replace or upgrade your wiring with minimal soldering your end, as for some it's a daunting task. It may also be a great value alternative to buying all of the individual components. All harnesses are made by me here at the Home of Tone, to ensure the best possible workmanship I can.

Please Note - If you're upgrading from perhaps import or Japanese built guitars which have metric sized pots, you may need to widen the holes in your control plate/body etc to accommodate the slight larger US made quality pots we use. 

Specs and options
There are a number of choices available for SG type wiring kits. 

- CTS 450 Series or 'TVT' series depending on stock, +/-9% Tolerance pots - 500k, split shaft pots as standard on SG kits. 
- Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitors .02uF x2
- Switchcraft 3 way short frame toggle switch. (We use this as there is more thread and more space left in switch cavity, makes life a lot easier when mounting!) No need to use an extended knurled nut.
- Switchcraft jack socket or Pure Tone multi contact jack socket.
- German made 22AWG wire

Choosing your options - 
My pre-wired harnesses have been  part of my product range since the very early days of the Home of Tone, and I've loved further developing them over the past couple of years. Further refining via your great feedback and requests, along with my own research and preferences. You may have noticed that there are now a few options to choose from within each harness type, so I wanted to put together this handy guide, to help you when choosing your harness 'ingredients'!
To view this in depth guide, click HERE!

Home of Tone Pre-Wired Guitar Harness

Delivery time
As these are made to order by hand, the waiting time is around 1 week depending on quantity of current orders and repair jobs in at the time. 

Custom orders with Push/Pulls etc aren't taken on at this time, it can only be the 'stock' options listed in the drop down menus. Thank you for your understanding.