Signature Series Pre-Wired SG harness kit


Delivery time
I usually make harnesses to order, due to the various options that could be chosen. The waiting time for harness orders is around 3-5 working days depending on quantity of orders in at the time. I'll always endeavor to turn orders around within that time frame and your order will be updated accordingly when dispatched.
Please note that the main product photos may appear slightly different to the harness you receive. Please don't worry about this, I am constantly finding new and improved ways to assemble my harnesses and great care and attention is taken in making your harness orders, one by one.

About Pre-Wired Harnesses
After introducing harnesses to my product line-up back in 2015, listening to customer feedback, undertaking my own testing & taking on board customer requests over that time, I've come to find my favourite specs & components to use. I decided to name these harnesses my 'Signature Series', which I suppose is just a fancy way of saying I trust these components in providing you & your guitar a solid replacement and/or upgrade. 
I wrote an extensive article about replacing your guitar's wiring harness, answering the main questions about each component and the potential differences and improvements that can be had in doing so. To read the full article, click Here!
The series features a UK made +/-3% tolerance .022uF polypropylene film capacitor and Pure Tone multi contact jacks as standard. Along with the brilliant CTS 'TVT' series +/-5% tolerance pots, Gavitt 22AWG wire and a Switchcraft right angle 3 way toggle switch.

HERE is my fitting tips and guide which is a must read for any pre-wired harnesses orders.
I have also compiled an article answering some commonly asked questions, which might help you too! You can read that article HERE
If you're fitting this harness to perhaps a copy, standard import or Japanese built SG guitar for example which often have metric sized shaft pots originally, you may need to widen the holes in your body etc to accommodate the slightly larger imperial US made quality pots we use. If you are fitting this harness to a USA built SG, there is a good chance it already has imperial, US spec components meaning this will be a direct fit. CTS 'TVT' pots I use in this harness have a shaft diameter of 9.5mm.
You may also require new control knobs to fit the CTS pot 'spline' diameter of 5.95mm.
If you do require US spec control knobs, we do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the hardware & plastic hardware categories on the store.

Centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of Switch to neck volume pot - 55mm
Centre of switch to bridge volume pot - 55mm
Centre of neck volume pot to centre of neck tone pot - 50mm
Centre of bridge volume pot to centre of bridge tone pot - 50mm
Centre of neck volume pot to bridge volume pot - 44mm
Centre of neck tone pot to bridge tone pot - 44mm
Centre of neck tone pot to centre of jack socket - 34mm

You will find a handy fitting guide to harnesses here
'Modern' Style wiring diagram - RH
'Modern' Style wiring diagram - LH with RH taper pots
'Modern Style wiring diagram - LH with LH taper pots
'50s' Style wiring diagram - RH
'50s' Style wiring diagram - LH with RH taper pots
'50s' Style wiring diagram - LH with LH taper pots

Specs and options

Due to some delays in sourcing my usual Capacitor, I am currently using a a quality temporary alternative, Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone .02uF capacitors. Please bare this in mind if considering ordering in the short term or please get in touch. Cheers, James
- CTS 'TVT' Series +/-5% Tolerance long shaft pots - 500k, split shaft pots as standard on SG kits.
- For LH Taper kits - CTS Left Handed Audio taper 500k split shaft pots. 
- UK made +/-3% tolerance .022uF polypropylene film capacitors
- Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch
- Knurled nut for 3 way toggle switch
- Pure tone multi contact jack socket (with longer thread)
- For Modern wiring style kits - Gavitt 22AWG wire. 
- For 50s Style wiring kits - Braided 22AWG wire

Home of Tone Modern style, or 50s Style wiring?
This is really down to personal preference, I've been solely offering my Home of Tone modern style for many years now with fantastic customer feedback, but I've had a few requests over the years for custom order 50s style harnesses so I thought it was time to introduce it as an option to choose from rather than a secret handshake! So, which would suit my needs best? 
The general consensus is that Modern wiring maintains the overall volume better than 50s style, maintaining volume when rolling down the tone pot for example, but it does lose some of the high end 'treble' frequencies when rolling down the volume pot. Although with the addition of a treble bleed, this is rectified and modern style can be the best of both worlds (so that's an option here too!). 
With 50s style, more treble frequencies are retained when lowering the volume pot, but the volume and tone controls work differently together and you can find that as you roll the tone pot down, you will notice the volume drop a little.
There really isn't a right or wrong, but hopefully the paragraph above helps in making the right choice for you. 

With or without Treble Bleed?
First up, what does it do? A Treble Bleed kit takes the 'high' treble tone frequencies out of the circuit at the volume pot, and puts them back in the circuit as the signal leaves the volume pot. This means the treble frequencies are prevented from naturally bleeding out of the circuit as your turn your volume pot down. The result is a smoothed out treble and a more uniform tone from 1 to 10. Reducing the treble drop out as the volume pot rolls off. Some guitar players wouldn't be without a treble bleed, and many have never used one on their guitars. Truth is, it is very much personal preference. I personally don't use a treble bleed mod on any of my guitars, and this is just due to the way I play. If you like the idea of retaining treble as you roll your volume pot down, then a treble bleed is for you!

Righty or Southpaw, the choice is there to suit however your play!
Alongside the usual right handed replacement wiring harnesses, I also make these in left handed orientation. After a lot of research and customer orders over the years it seems 99.9% of Lefty players are used to using guitars with traditional RH taper pots. This is mainly because many guitar manufacturers simply fitted RH taper pots in LH taper guitars. But some LH players do of course prefer using LH taper pots, whatever your preference as a Left handed Strat player, I offer the spec to suit.