CTS - Push/Pull DPDT Pot


These pots are CTS's own push/pull models allowing for various additional wiring possibilities such as coil-tapping or phase switching. They full size CTS pots and are each 5.95mm 24 spine split shaft suitable for USA-Fender or Gibson knobs to push-fit straight on. These feature a neat PCB for soldering your pickup etc wires which is seldom seen on other manufacturer's push/pull pots, although this is very easy to wire up I would recommend having some experience of sodlering a PCB especially when using lead free solder as that takes a little more heat to work with and the connections are fairly small. Other than that, a high quality pot in line with their other 450 or TVT series in construction. They feature a +/-10% tolerance, brass shafts and an audio/logarithmic taper. I have these available here in short shaft 500k, long shaft 500k and short shaft 250k.

Interested in learning a little more about them or how to wire one for coil splitting? I have written an article which can be read HERE!

500k is commonly used for Humbucker or P90 equipped guitars
250k is commonly used for single coil equipped guitars.


Short Shaft 500k - 9.5mm thread length
Long Shaft 500k - 19mm thread length
Short Shaft 250k - 9.5mm thread length
Overall measurements for each pot can be found in the product images, with a technical drawing for each variation.

Long or Short, which do I need?
The question I probably get asked most is, "I have a Les Paul, will I need long or short shaft pots?". Well Gibson are of course known for lots of transitional changes to specs from the golden era right up to modern day. Here's a general list of which models take either type. But, if you're still not sure, the simplest answer is that ALL types of Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul will fit a long shaft pot, as you can adjust the two supplied nuts to suit the height in the body. All Epiphone Les Paul's with exception of the Elitist model use short shaft pots.

Gibson Les Pauls that take long shaft pots:
50's & 60's Tributes
Historic '68 Custom RI
1977-current Custom's
1977-current Deluxe's
1977-1982 Pro's

Gibson Les Pauls that take short shaft pots:
Historic R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9/R0
1952-1977 Standard's
1954-1977 Custom's
1968-1977 Deluxe's
Historic R7 Custom
The Paul's
Les Paul Special's
Les Paul Jr.'s

I hope this helps!

500k short shaft on back order
Other versions are in stock