Black 2:1 ratio heat shrink tubing


Heat Shrink can help with any guitar wiring work, protecting wire such as the outer braided Gibson style from grounding out as it runs through the control cavity, by helping to keep long wire runs tidy, protecting 'hot' or ground connections or even to add some extra strength to weaker wire joints. I personally use these on my wiring harnesses, and I offer it here in 1ft lengths in a variety of diameters too in case you'd like to use some too!

Available diameters - (Please note, diameters listed are for the pre-shrunk ID)
1.6mm (this size fits over most capacitor lead outs comfortably for example)
2.4mm (this size fits over my stocked Gavitt wire comfortably)
3.2mm (this size fits over the Gavitt braided Gibson style wire comfortably)
6.4mm (this size is really useful if you have two or three wires in a run that you want to keep together and tidied up)
9.5mm (as above really, this one is useful for multiple wire runs to help neaten things up)

Comes in a 1ft length. This is 2:1 shrink ratio.

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