Tom DeLonge Stratocaster pre-wired volume wiring now available!
This kit is as simple as they can come, but it is a tip of the 'Atticus angled cap' to one of my most favourite signature Fender guitar models and is incredibly nostalgic for me, the Tom DeLonge Signature Stratocaster! I spent countless hours staring at the Fender Frontline catalog back in the day wishing I had one of these guitars, super back to basics design but nonetheless wicked guitars. With the originals increasing in value, I know a lot of us are making partscaster replicas instead, so I wanted to offer a pre-wired volume pot kit to help with those projects! After having the privilege of working and inspecting an all original 2001 TD Strat, I was able to clarify the specs used on the originals, and recreate that with my kit. 

Tom DeLonge Strat wiring

The factory Fender TD signature models had a CTS 500k pot, as well as a treble bleed cap mod, which featured a 680pF capacitor and 220kOhm resistor wired in parallel. It's not a totally common treble bleed cap and resistor spec, so I thought that was quite interesting and was glad to have seen it first hand so I know I am being true to original factory spec with my pre-wired volume kit. This treble bleed mod worked great I thought with the SD Invader pickup, so happy to continue on with those specs. I make it with the best components I have available to me, CTS 'TVT' series audio taper pot, Gavitt 22awg wire, my treble bleed mod and the brilliant Pure Tone multi contact jack socket. 

Tom DeLonge Strat wiring

I have decided to offer this kit for both right handed and left handed TD fans. So the right handed option is a simple one to choose, whereas left handed players will be able to choose their preferred pot turn direction with either a RH audio taper pot, or a LH audio taper pot depending on your personal preference. A RH audio taper pot turns clockwise to increase volume from '0', whereas a LH/Reverse audio taper pot turns counter-clockwise to increase volume from '0'. Some lefty players prefer one way, and others another way, so I always feel it is worth offering the choice of either and you can pick which best suits your personal playing preference. Hope this helps LH Tom fans!

This pre-wired volume kit is now available to order and you can do so via the dedicated listing HERE


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