Hi all! Just wanted to share a quick update for my international customers, that I have taken the decision to remove all Royal Mail International Standard service options from the shop/checkout. Please rest assured this is not a profit or money grabbing exercise, this is because unfortunately I have been at the receiving end of more and more lost parcels which is costing me way too much in refunds, time spent processing claims (which I never get the correct amount back for and end up at a loss) and most importantly of all, leads to disappointed customers because they haven't received their goods. 
So as a result of all of the problems and the trust I have lost in the service as a result, I am only offering tracked shipping options internationally. I understand this may be frustrating to some customers as you'd prefer much cheaper postage options, but I'm sure you would agree that physically receiving the order is the priority ultimately. I want the goods to arrive on time to you, and unfortunately standard, non tracked services simply aren't reliable at the moment. If things improve, then I will bring it back but for now, it will only be tracked services for my international customers.

Many thanks!
23 October, 2021 by James P Gascoigne

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