Inspection & Set-Up options when purchasing a SX Guitars 'SST62+' guitar from James' Home of Tone
I have zero intention to just be a 'box shifting' supplier. Guitars of this price point are usually just shipped out upon order, but here at James' Home of Tone, regardless of price point, each and every guitar sold is inspected by me personally. At the end of the day, SX quality control is of a good standard, but it would have traveled by container, stored in a warehouse then shipped to me since that point of final inspection at the factory. So I take each out of the packaging and provide a full inspection, ensuring this guitar will play nicely out of the box for you. I check it's set-up on the existing 9 gauge strings, including neck relief, string action, nut height and intonation. If you're not familiar with what those checks are, they are essentially what helps ensure the guitar plays well, and in tune. 

For an extra fee though, I also offer the option of having the guitar given a Full Home of Tone Set-up, where I will remove the strings, check, level, crown and polish the frets, condition the fretboard and begin the set-up from scratch to ensure the best possible play-ability on your chosen gauge and brand of strings. This may be a great option for you whilst the instrument here prior to dispatch. To explain a little more about this, in case any of these terms aren't familiar to you, I made a quick video this afternoon!

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