The Signature Series / Ground Bug deal!
'Ground Bug' deal!
Looking forward to installing your new pre-wired harness/wiring, but a little worried about making the ground connections to the pot casings? First time soldering and hear the horror stories of frying pots, or just simply want to neaten up your installs?

Then the awesome 'Ground Bug' will help with any of these concerns, beginner or pro modders alike. The Ground Bug is a pot washer that fits between the pot casing and the pickguard/body and has a number of lugs (much like with the main signal connections on the pot for example) to which you can very easily solder your ground wire connections too.

Completely removing the worry and risk of soldering a pot casing, something I know many guitarists complain about having to learn to do. 

I have been stocking Ground Bugs for a while, and they really are the perfect match for a pre-wired harness as they further help you with your installs. So I have set up a 10% off Ground Bug deals when purchased with a Home of Tone Signature Series pre-wired harness. This is an automatic discount code, so all you need to have is a Signature Series kit, and a Ground bug in your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied to the Ground Bug for you! Click HERE to view the Ground Bug listing

11 October, 2023 by James P Gascoigne

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