Introducing Etwood Guitar Straps to the Home of Tone!
I have been following Adam and his work creating Etwood Guitar Straps for a while, and admired the strive for creating something unique, whilst ensuring quality was top of the agenda too. We connected and kept in touch, and very glad to say I am now proudly stocking his work here at the Home of Tone!

Etwood Straps are made in the UK, using materials sourced within the UK from chosen for their high quality tannery and fabrics, commitments to sustainability, and being good companies all round. So the quality begins right from the material sourcing, all the way to the end strap. With beautiful UK made woven designs, sewn with great attention to detail to Nubuck leather backing and quality leather ends in a great range of designs.

With some beautifully unique designs, all whilst looking traditional and timeless, I think these straps fit in really well here at the Home of Tone. Here you'll find a selection of straps that I have chosen for stock, each photographed individually for you to choose the right one for you. Check out the Etwood collection HERE

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