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New release from Benson Amps, The Stonk Box!
Welcoming the latest Benson pedal to the range, The Stonk box! This is a thermally biased Tonebender Mk1 / Zonk inspired fuzz pedal, and brought the smiles on my first plug in test that's for sure, along with some surprise faces too thanks to it's versatility. From vintage Ge fuzz tones, to semi gated, from fairly clean boost to treble booster and fuzzy overdrive, it covers a surprising amount of ground and I've enjoyed finding them all within it's 4 controls.

Those familiar with the Germanium Fuzz pedal release from benson, will see their thermally biased feature ultilised again here on the Stonk Box, but with a different fuzz circuit inspiration this time around.

Here's some info courtesy of Chris Benson - 

The Stonk Box is our second Automatic Thermally Bias fuzz pedal, so after plugging it into power (9vdc only), it will take 2-3 minutes on average to sound correct. The color of the LED indicator light might change. Don’t turn the internal trimmer. THAT’S IT. Read on if you would like to...there’s some good stuff.

Like the Germanium Fuzz before it, the Stonk Box attempts to take a classic 1960’s fuzz design, and bring the sound into the modern world without bringing any along the flaws and inconsistencies of the original. In this case, we set our eyes on the MK1 fuzz (which is itself a modified version of the very first fuzz ever). We kept the original controls (FILTER and VOLUME), and added a TONE control and a TRIM control to expand the palette of sounds available. Buffer and pedal order friendly (but with no pickup simulation, we had to tweak the output circuit this time). The original circuit is considered one of the hardest of the classic fuzzes to get right because of the difficulty in transistor selection...with our patented technology we can do it easily and consistently...for the first time ever!"

Proudly currently in stock here at James' Home of Tone!

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