David's Coronet project
Really pleased to see how well David's Coronet project came together, so much so I figured it would be nice to feature it here on the blog too. He kindly approached me recently about supplying one of my Coronet replacement/upgrade wiring kits, but with a small revision to the pot values as he was planning on a really cool New Yorker pickup conversion. The pickup is one of Curtis Novaks lovely repro items, so an honour to have my wiring alongside that! Only changes I made over my standard Coronet wiring per David's requests was the pot and cap values, opting for 250k / .047uF to better suit what he was hoping for tonally from the New Yorker pickup, over the factory dogear P90 (which I usually spec as 'standard' at 500k / .022uF). Very pleased to receive an update and these photos today of it all finished up and looking oh so good! Love the revisions he's made, via the pickguard, pickup and control knobs. I have a big soft spot for these reissue Coronets, and this one might be my favourite of seen yet, unreal! Big thanks to David for including me in this project and using my Signature Series wiring kit.



David said:

Just a massive thankyou to James. Took while to get all the parts. The volume/tone knobs were from the states. Pickup and scratch plate custom order from Curtis Novak, from California. Saw home of tone on line. Not used James before but he was very helpful and sorted me out. Just need a different wraparound bridge before it’s completed.
The sounds of this thing with the pickup and new 50s wiring is mind blowing
So thanks again James and thanks for showing this on your site. Much appreciated 👍

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