Dipswitch Demos - Jackson's new McNelly Nostalgia & Cornucopia pickups!
Jackson from Dipswitch demos was kind enough to consider a set of McNelly Pickups for his lovely Ernie Ball Cutlass HSS guitar. I had done some wiring work to this guitar for him, and after a bit of chat he decided to go for a Nostalgia in the neck and middle positions, and a Cornucopia humbucker in the bridge position for the guitar which was very kind of him considering the wealth of choice in pickups out there!
He's put together this great demo video of the pickup set, which to my ear is a great representation to how the pickups sound in the room. For the geekier people wondering what wiring they were paired with, for this guitar due to the HSS configuration, we went with 500k pots and 470k resistors for the single coils so both pickup variants see their preferred pot value. A less of a compromise than some HSS options, and works well we think! Anyway, the important part, Jackson's great video!

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