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There's often prizes and competitions offered at Guitar Shows, but not many that I can recall to this high standard I must say. For this year's Guitar Show, the organiser had the idea of bringing together a group of UK based guitar makers and brands to build an instrument that would be raffled at the show and go home with a lucky visitor. The specs of the guitar have been chosen by the followers of the Guitar Show's facebook page, so body shape, to colour, to pickup specs and it has resulted in a very high spec guitar indeed! For the final stage of the build, the guitar has made it's way to my office so I thought I'd put together a few blog posts about the build as well as a reminder of what this is all for. Below is the post from Jason (Guitar Show organiser) about what charity the raffle ticket sales will be donated too. Well worth a read, and makes it more special for me to be a part of this great project - 

"I’ve been thinking of what charity this guitar should go to, in the back of my mind I’ve always had an idea.
You may have seen recently that Prostate Cancer has now become the number 1 cancer in the UK, probably not the number 1 you want…
I’m fairly sure that almost everyone on this page that had to deal with a friend or family member dealing with this horrible illness. For me, in 2019 it got close, my dad successfully beat it (sheer bloody mindedness I think), a friend's dad unfortunately didn’t, and in this, The Guitar Show world, my good friend and Live Stage host Simon “Bradders” Bradley was diagnosed with it. I’m sure you know Simon from his days on Guitarist magazine or from the show, but he and I go back much further than that.
Simon inadvertently got me started in bands when I was 17, I had walked in to Birmingham’s (the UK’s?) premier guitar store, Musical Exchanges, dressed like an LA Rock Star (in my head obviously), I was tall, skinny, thick curly long hair, black tight jeans, leather jacket and cowboy boots, Simon looked up and having never spoken to me before just said “you’ll do”
Do for what?
"My mate is looking for a lead guitarist and you look like you’ll fit in”
I couldn’t really play very well, but got the gig anyway, Simon graciously gave me a guitar lesson an hour before each rehearsal so I wasn’t terrible in front of the rest of the band, he maintains that he feels guilty that he shouted at me a lot for being crap (I don’t remember this, I remember being crap, not the shouting bit) I can still play some of these songs 30 years later.
The lessons stopped when Simon left Birmingham because he’d got a job as a writer on Guitarist magazine, Cambridgeshire at first I think and then on to Bath. We reconnected when I started working on Music Live at the NEC, I always read his pieces and watched his videos (the first guitar youtube star surely???) with amusement and pride, I know him
When The Guitar Show stage got bigger I knew I needed a host and I couldn’t think of anyone better, it was the first and only call I made.
Thankfully the old bugger is still with us and clear of the bloody stuff, whilst he may not yet be back to 100%, he will be back hosting for 2020, just don’t ask him to lift anything.
So lets make a good thing out of a horrible thing.
Crimson Guitars, Williams Guitars, Rob Williams Guitars, 
Oil City pickups & 
Grainger Guitars 
have given their time and resources to build this guitar, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the trade, 
James' Home of Tone 
have offered to supply a top of the range wiring loom to the guitar and 
Laney Amplification 
have added an amp. I’ve bought a hardcase for it and I’ll refund the winners entry price.
Please, please buy a raffle ticket at the show, lets celebrate the Best Of British Guitar Building and raise some money so we can help kick this cancer in the arse*
*pun intended



Rob said:

Where can we buy the raffle tickets?

I’m still fighting Prostate Cancer.
I didn’t have any symptoms, just casually mentioned after MRI follow up, from previous unrelated surgery.

Ray Chamberlain

Ray Chamberlain said:

Looking forward to seeing the guitar in the flesh and supporting a worthy cause👍

James Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

Thanks for checking out the post! For details on the raffle, do please check out The Guitar Show’s website and/or their social media pages like on Facebook as Jason has posted info about the raffle etc there. I believe the raffle will only take place at the show itself, but as I’ve not organised that aspect of it, I’m afraid I don’t know the final details.
Cheers and hopefully see you at the show!

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