'Customer Service Excellence' award finalist for the 2022 Nachural Business awards!
I had a bit of a unique experience in June, by being selected as a finalist in the 'Customer Service Excellence' award by Nachural Business Awards. I was put forward by my local council, and had to chat a bit about what my business is and aspects of it that mean a lot to me. Their panel of judges selected me for this category which was really cool to be honest as it has been a very important thing for the Home of Tone from day 1. 

The awards evening itself was held on 8th July where me and Emma attended, we sadly didn't win the category but that doesn't matter, it was just great to be chosen for an aspect of my business that means so much to me and that is you all! I am 100% certain that I was chosen after they saw the amazing amount of reviews so many of you have left on my Trustpilot, google, facebook etc review platforms so for that, a huge thank you.

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