Indra Guitars x Home of Tone exclusive 4 bolt UFO neck plates!
I've been following Richard's work at Indra Guitars for a number of years, I finally became a customer of his after admiring his work by ordering a beautiful custom etched aluminium pickguard for my Sterling MusicMan Albert Lee guitar to which he did a wonderful job with. During that design process, he threw together a really cool edit in his illustration/design style of my classic UFO logo. It got my brain cogs turning about a collab! The design looked so cool on a standard 4 bolt neck plate, I figured I had to ask if we could get some made to stock. Thankfully Richard was able to accommodate and has made these stunning Home of Tone exclusive UFO neck plates! Available in aluminium, brass & anodised black aluminium and match up with the standard 4 bolt Fender style neck plates. 

Made in the UK

Illustration by Richard Legg of Indra Guitars, based on my original UFO logo designed by Kevin Wilson.

Limited stock in this first batch, but will certainly be re-stocking!

You can check them out HERE


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