Chris Benson of Benson Amps talks business, amps and his pedal range with TPS
Chris Benson, of the great Benson Amps recently visited 'That Pedal Show' to make a video showcasing his work. I am a big fan of Chris, and his amp/pedal creations and consider myself lucky to carry stock of his pedals here at the Home of Tone too. So I was excited to watch and listen to the video the guys all made together, and interested to see what Chris might say about his pedals along the journey through TPS trying them out too. So here all of the Benson pedal range is discussed and showcased through a range of guitars and settings so it is a great way to digest the full range to see if any might sit right at home in your rigs too. If you want to see the Benson Amps pedal range you can do so via my shop HERE. 

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