Left handed Custom Shop '59 Relic Strat for a re-wire
Tonight I carried out a pickup swap on a nice 2021 Custom Shop '59 Relic burst strat. The owner also asked if I could double check it's wiring specs as he has a project in the works and wanted to replicate it. Seems from the factory it had true to era 0.1uF tone cap installed, but with a more modern tone pot configuration. The neck pickup having the tone closest to volume all to itself, whilst the 2nd tone pot controlled both middle and bridge pickups. There was also a 2200pF / 100kOhm parallel wired treble bleed mod on the volume. So we'll be recreating those specs for the new guitar when the time comes via one of my harnesses. 

Cool guitar with some tasteful relicing, personally I think there could be some real room for improvement on the setup so I made some notes for the customer to take away and should the time come we have some solid reference points for it. The '59 neck profile along with some beefy frets feels so good too! Even if I had to have a noodle up-side-down.

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