Gibson Les Paul Standard - Full Set-up
This week saw a nice, pretty new Gibson Les Paul Standard through the workshop. This one came in for a full setup, and I supplied some Stringjoy 10-48 gauge strings for it from the shop. Final finish and general feel of this one was great, lovely Les Paul overall so was looking forward to getting stuck in.

On initial inspection, everything was quite good indeed overall. I did notice on closer inspection a couple of high frets, and that the fret leveling radius was a little out from it's optimal 12" radius. So I corrected those first of all, and a re-crown polish saw me move onto the setup adjustments. Nice relief at .008", and a low action at around 1.6mm at the 15th for the basses and around 1.2mm for the trebles at the 15th. Intonation quickly settling via the Stringjoys which are proving to be a very consistent product for accurate setups here. String slots at the nut slightly adjusted and depths set from .008" through to .004" from basses to the trebles. Lovely guitar and a pleasure to work on it!

Looking for a setup on your guitar too? Please do check out my 'Guitar Services' page for a run-down of what setup services I offer for those local to the Stourbridge, West Midlands region.

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