A tidy up for this very cool Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro
Wrapped up the setup on this cool Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro today (Photos were taken after the initial rough in of the setup the prior day). It has had some Duncans fitted previously, and with their open cover style and no pickguard look on the guitar, gives it a cool vibe for sure. Wiring needed a look over as there were some tone pot issues, seems that was just wires touching places they shouldn't so tidied that up and it sprung to life. New control knobs will be on via the owner I'm sure. Frets needed some TLC with multiple high spots, but overall this one came out great and looks ace too. Custom requested a low action set-up on Rotosound 10s, and thanks to the fretwork and good neck angle/alignment that was all achievable. Nice guitar! 

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro neck and fretboard close up after using Monty's Instrument Food wax

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