Left handed CIJ Fender Stratocaster - Setup and wiring tweak

Roger kindly brought in his CIJ Fender Strat for a bit of TLC. It had suffered a fall, but thankfully only suffered very minor damage as a result. It had fell head on with an edge on the fretboard, and only damage was the edge pressing the strings into the fretwire. It had marked a couple of frets with the strings, but it wasn't deep by any means so nothing a minor fret level, crown and polish wouldn't resolve. With a few passes with the leveling beam, those dents were a distant memory and I cracked on with the crown, polish then setup work as normal. 

One detail the customer asked me about were the pots, as they had a very on/off taper (or lack of) with next to no real adjustment to them. A quick look under the hood and I found what is a common sight on factory left handed instruments, in that they had wired regular right handed audio taper pots, backwards. If you have read my left handed guitar wiring article already, then you'll know that this simply does not work. As the customer wasn't too fussy about turn direction, and didn't want to swap pots for correct LH/reverse audio taper pots, it was decided to just re-wire the existing pots but to their correct RH audio taper spec. Hopefully this will make the existing items more usable and regain some adjustment from the guitar's volume and tone controls.

Overall this one turned out great! Well worth the fretwork, regardless of the impact, as it has improved play-ability and string action, nice and consistent across the board now. Lovely lefty Strat! A pleasure to work on.


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