Very Good Amp Co - EP Drive V3



An Echoplex Preamp meets low gain overdrive. Sounds good to me! Two circuits that can be used independently or together. for great versatility within one rather pretty enclosure. 
Handbuilt by Jon Armellino in Denver, CO USA, who is passionate about amp and pedal circuits, starting the Very Good Amp Co in 2020. I'm really pleased to be stocking this great sounding, versatile drive and pre-amp pedal, considering this is an early release for a new company, things look incredibly bright and it's great to be on board! I think my customers will really like this pedal! Plus, wait until you see it's box presentation, awesome opening experience for a special pedal.


  • Echoplex preamp based boost/tone shaper with up to 15 db of gain

  • Low gain overdrive with assymetrical soft clipping

  • Soft switching

  • High quality Burr Brown opamp

  • Hi cut and Lo cut toggles for further tone shaping

  • Effect order switch (Drive into Preamp or Preamp into Drive)

  • Internal charge pump 

The EP Drive also has an internal charge pump that bumps up the voltage for higher headroom and cleaner operation.  For that reason, do not use anything but a 9v center negative power supply with this one.  Using higher voltages will void the warranty, so please be careful and use the correct voltage.

-  Dimensions: 120mm [4.72"] x 65mm [2.56"] x 39 mm [1.54"] (68mm w/ footswitches)
- Standard 2.1mm Boss style power jack, negative tip
- 9 volt DC operation only
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hear it

James' Favourite settings
Sometimes getting a new pedal and messing with the controls can be a bit daunting initially, so I thought it might be helpful to share some of my personal favourite settings as a stepping stone for you finding your own favourites too!

For some nice biting bridge pickup chord tones I really like the drive side on, gain set to around 3 O'Clock, and tone around 1 O'Clock with the low and high cut switches off.  Then if you want to give it a bit more of a nudge have the preamp switched to preamp first in the chain and the boost control all the way up! Bit too raspy for you? Then try switching the preamp/drive order around or perhaps flick the high cut switch to fatten things up a bit!

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