The Rock Slide - Polished Brass guitar slide


This is the slide that started the Rock Slide revolution in 1999. Features include a tapered interior, finger rest, knuckle cutaway & a highly polished finish. Specifically designed to improve the way you slide and sustain!

If you've followed the Home of Tone for a while, you'll know that I've always had a nice selection of quality guitar slides, but stocking high quality brass slides has been on my agenda for some time. I already stock the traditional, but uniquely tapered Dunlop 'harris' slides which are superb, but it feels great to also add The Rock Slide to my line-up! These slides feature some very unique design points, from the tapered internal diameter, finger rest & knuckle cutaway all aimed to help technique and comfort. Heavy weight brass material too!

I carry these polished open ended slides in three main sizes, - 
Medium - 19.5mm ID - 57.5mm length
Large - 21mm ID - 59mm length
X-Large - 22.5mm ID - 59mm length

Medium currently out of stock


Large & X-Large in stock