Telecaster Control Plate suitable for 4 way switch - USA Specs - Nickel, Chrome, Gold & Black


Telecaster players who have carried out the 4 way switch mod, will likely be familiar with the fact that not all control plates will accommodate for the extra throw angle of the 4 way switch. Some plates either fitted on factory instruments, or sold aftermarket not quite allowing engagement of the outer two switch positions. To resolves this, players usually needed to make a small modification to the switch and/or plate slot.
I spotted these available from a supplier and thought this would be a really helpful item to stock as it has an ever so slightly reshaped/longer switch slot to comfortably accommodate the 4 way switch with no modifications required.
Overall plate dimensions are standard, so an ideal direct USA spec replacement plate. Ultimately of course this will fit regular 3 and 5 way switches too, no problem at all. 
Also, for vintage spec fans, these are the same vintage spec 1.3mm plate thickness also.

160mm x 32.4mm Overall Size.
148.5mm Centre to Centre screw hole spacing.
Pot hole spacing is around 63mm
Will accmodate 4 way switch
Will accomodate CTS 9.52mm pot mounting thread diameter
Mounting Screws for plate are included
Vintage spec 1.3mm thickness
Available in Nickel, Chrome, Black & Gold

Chrome and nickel awaiting further stock
Black and gold in stock