Tate FX - Sirens Scream - Overdrive/Distortion



The SIRENS SCREAM is a hugely versatile Distortion pedal with 3 control knobs and a clipping selection switch to help you shape your tone anywhere from a nice mid gain crunch to a thick and full fuzz like tone. The clipping switch gives you access to 3 distinctive voice settings:
Set the switch to the left position and you have silicon diode clipping. This is nice and compressed,  smooth and full of gain.
With the switch in the middle you have no clipping diodes. This gives an amazingly loud open overdrive tone.
Finally, with the switch to the right you get LED clipping. This is loud and crunchy the perfect heavy drive tone.

Like all TateFX pedals The SIRENS SCREAM features the best components and switches.

Enclosure Size: 121 mm x 66 mm x 35 mm
Power: 9v Boss style 2.1mm center Negative
Current Draw: 10mA
Battery: No

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