Tate FX - Raise The Dead - Fuzz



I've owned a RTD Fuzz for about a year now, it's the first fuzz I've owned believe it or not and it's a monster! So it's great to see it on my site available to my customers now too.

Full on Fuzz tones!

Rich, harmonic and loud, One knob controls volume nice and easy! Use your guitar volume to clean up and get some super crunchy tones then wind it up to super high gain fuzz.
Based on a one knob fuzz from the 60's brought right up to date. No need to worry about where in your chain the Raise The Dead should go, unlike the 60's fuzzes this has a built in pick up simulator. No mater where in your chain it is it the fuzz will sound the same.
Using specially selected transistors, 1% metal film resistors and the some of the best capacitors on the market this pedal is ready for you to get your fuzz on.

TateFx pedals have a Boss style centre negative 2.1mm power connection. No battery snap inside. 

Enclosure Size: 121 mm x 66 mm x 35
Power: 2.1mm center Negative
Current Draw: 10Ma
Battery: No

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