Switchcraft 3 way Toggle Switch - Short Frame


Switchcraft are widely regarded as industry standard for quality components. Their products are used by big brands, luthiers and repairers alike, and I'd trust and recommend their jacks and switches.

This is the really helpful 'short frame' version of their traditional 3 way toggle switch. It's particularly helpful in shallow cavities, or harder to work with models like the 335 where a slightly smaller component is useful when trying to install. I have used these on my Les Paul & 335 Signature Series harness for some time and they're really good! Also helpful is their extended mounting thread, often removing the need for an additional extended mounting nut, and can just use the standard mounting nut instead. 

To help with soldering, all Switchcraft switches have been pre-tinned contacts from the factory. For tips on wiring these up, please see our wiring diagrams which are available via a link at the bottom of the website.

Useful Dimensions - 
Overall internal depth from thread - 24mm
Mounting thread depth - 8.5mm

In stock!

You can also choose what switch tip you would like, cream, black or amber. Or if you don't need a new switch tip, simply select 'none'.