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Spectrum - Filtered Foam Earplugs



Spectrum’s Filtered Foam Plugs (FFP) are comfortable, reusable and simple to fit. Made with viscoelastic memory foam, they offer a high level of comfort, meaning they can be worn for a longer a period of time than regular foam ear plugs.

Regular foam earplugs attenuate too much sound, especially at higher frequencies making them inadequate for enjoying music. Spectrum’s FFP are the first foam product to incorporate a high fidelity acoustic filter, which provides a much more natural sound. Their specialist foam ear plugs offer a high level of speech intelligibility and deliver a full frequency sound reduction to safe listening levels.

At Spectrum, they are dedicated to reducing waste. Their ergonomic ‘one size fits all’ material reduces contamination and makes it possible to clean the earplugs and use them multiple times before disposal.. Available in medium and large sizes* and offering protection of 15 and 20dB, the FFP earplug range offers solutions for every musical situation.

*Some ear canals may require an extra small fitting. Unfortunately the FFP cannot be manufactured in these sizes. However, they offer some affordable specialist alternatives.

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