Solderless Series | Pre-Wired Guitar Jack Socket


Our Home of Tone Solderless Series Pre-Wired Jack Socket is ideal for a quick and easy replacement on your guitar, particularly if you prefer not to use a soldering iron! Pre-Soldered at the jack and heat shrink'd to ensure a solid connection and joint, with Gavitt USA 22AWG wire, with a solid and easy to use RS PRO connector block. You simply identify your 'HOT' wire which will either come from the centre lug on the volume pot, or perhaps from the guitar's pickup selector switch depending on model and identify your ground wire and attach them both to the relevant solderless connection block attached to the jack. The Signature Series features the superb Pure Tone Multi contact jack.

The Pure Tone jack features 4 contact points, two positive, two ground which firmly hold the cable in place even after heavy use. From mounting point of jack socket, to end of connector the length of wire is measured to roughly 2 inches. 

Keeps the work a little simpler at your end!

Available as a nickel, black or gold Pure Tone jack.

You can view the 'wiring' diagram for the solderless jack socket HERE

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Currently in stock, made and ready for dispatch in each of the three jack finishes!