Solderless Pre-Wired Guitar wiring harness | 5-way Stratocaster 'HSS’ kit | Right handed


Order times
I usually make harnesses to order, due to the variety of spec options that could be chosen across the whole range. The current turnaround time for a harness orders is around 5-7 working days depending on quantity of orders in at the time and your order will be updated accordingly when it is dispatched. This turnaround time doesn't include the transit time. Thanks for your patience whilst I get your harness made!

I have spent my guitar playing life around Stratocasters. I first become interested in them at the age of 5, seeing the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, SRV and Gilmour playing them on concert VHS tapes that my parents would put on whilst growing up. Although I was young, I soon noticed that all these people were playing the same type of guitar, and that really caught my eye. On my 6th birthday I asked for a guitar, and was incredibly lucky enough to have received a Squier Strat, and the Strat in general was pretty much all I played right up until my 30s. So needless to say, the Strat harness range is close to my heart and something I wanted to ensure is the best quality product I could offer to help bring out the best in your Strat too. 
This is the 'HSS' harness for Strats with a Single coil neck, single coil middle & humbucker bridge configuration. Guitars with a mixture of Humbuckers and Single coils can offer a particular issue when it comes to wiring, the pot choice compromise! Do you opt for the more traditional Single coil choice of 250k pots, which can lead to a dark sounding humbucker position. Or a 500k pot which will get the best from the humbucker but could lead to an overly single coil sound. Some players may well prefer either of those anyway, but if you'd rather reduce the compromise and try to help each pickup sound it's best, then this harness may be of some help to you! It does use a 500k pot for volume, but the single coil runs alongside a 470k resistor meaning the humbucker will 'see' it's preferred 500k pot rating, and the single coil will 'see' closer to it's preferred 250k pot rating. The for the tone pots, each pickup has it's correct spec pot value of 250k for single coil neck and middle and 500k for bridge humbucker. It's not THE solution for everyone, but it has proved to be really popular for an awful lot of players who have seen/heard the benefits of this set-up.
This harness doesn't split the humbucker coils, this is a traditional configuration harness without coil splitting.

The Solderless system makes life an awful lot easier if you're perhaps not comfortable using a soldering iron or worried about damaging components etc. So the install is more straight forward, but care is still needed to to ensure it all works as it should and stands the test of time. I have written some handy install guides for the solderless harness kits, and that can be found over on the wiring diagrams & helpful info page here on the website as well as the 'wiring' diagram you'll need to follow for which of your wires attach to the relevant solderless connections.

The parts I use, in particular the pots, are CTS branded pots which are imperial measurements. If you're fitting this harness to a far east built variant for example such as a Squier or similar, then you may have to widen the holes in the control plate to accommodate for these imperial measurement pots. Or alternatively, purchase a new control plate that is already suited to the US spec components. 
For reference, the CTS pots I use in this harness have a shaft diameter of 9.52mm.
You may also require new control knobs to fit the CTS pot 'split shaft' spline diameter of 5.95mm.
If you do require a US spec control plate or control knobs, we do carry a selection of popular options in stock and they can be viewed in the hardware & plastic hardware categories on the store.

Centre to centre measurements between components are - 
Centre of Switch to volume pot - 48mm
Centre of volume pot to centre of tone pot 1 - 45mm
Centre of tone pot 1 to tone pot 2 - 45mm
These measurements for my templates were taken from a USA Fender Stratocaster pickguard.

With or without Treble Bleed?
First up, what does it do? A Treble Bleed kit takes the 'high' treble tone frequencies out of the circuit at the volume pot, and puts them back in the circuit as the signal leaves the volume pot. This means the treble frequencies are prevented from naturally bleeding out of the circuit as your turn your volume pot down. The result is a smoothed out treble and a more uniform tone from 1 to 10. Reducing the treble drop out as the volume pot rolls off. Some guitar players wouldn't be without a treble bleed, and many have never used one on their guitars. Truth is, it is very much personal preference. I personally don't use a treble bleed mod on any of my guitars, and this is just due to the way I play. If you like the idea of retaining treble as you roll your volume pot down, then a treble bleed is for you!

- CTS '450' Series +/-10% Tolerance short shaft pots - 500k & 250k, split shaft pots as standard on HSS kits. 
- .022uF 'Yellow Mustard' type tone capacitor  (If you'd prefer a different value capacitor, do please get in touch and I'd be more than happy to help, but as standard all of my kits come with .022uF value)
- Pure Tone multi contact jack socket
- CRL spring loaded 5 way lever switch
- Gavitt USA made cloth covered 22AWG wire
- 20AWG Tinned copper ground
- Soldered using Rapid 22SWG lead-free solder
- RS PRO solderless connectors
- RS Pro 470k resistor x2
- For treble bleed option, I will use my Home of Tone Treble Bleed kit