Flush Slide switch screw and spacer kit for Jazzmaster & Jaguar slide switches


For many Jazzmaster & Jaguar players, the slide switches can sit a little high up for their playing styles, accidentally knocking the switch whilst playing for example. I was inspired by the Fender Johnny Marr Jag model which has the slide switch sitting a lot lower profile than standard, and that's achieved via a simple pair of spacers between the plate and switch. I believe from the Fender spec sheets that the part number used for their spacer on that model is literally just the string tree spacer. Downside of that though is you have to buy a pair of string trees to get the spacers. But als as many of you will already know, the standard screw supplied with a switchcraft slide switch is only very short at 1/4", which by the time you add a spacer isn't long enough.

So! I decided to have the components made for me and offer it as a simple kit! This little kit comes with two new raised countersunk philips head screws long enough to work with a spacer, and a pair of 4mm deep nickel plated brass spacers. This will allow the switch to sit further down beneath the control plate or pickguard for a really nice flush fit. Which in turn will hopefully help make accidentally hitting the slide switch a distant memory!

I offer it as just the spacers, if your existing screws are long enough already and just need the spacers.
Or spacers with countersunk screws (Better suited to a pickguard mount switch like those on a Jazzmaster for example where the pickguard holes are countersunk)
Or spacers with non-countersunk screws (Better suited to control plate mounted switches like those on a Jaguar for example where the metal control plate holes aren't countersunk. This can sometimes also be the case for some anodised pickguards too).
Unsure whether you want countersunk or non-countersunk screws? No problem! Just drop me a message with a photo of your pickguard or control plate and I can confirm for you.

Please note that this kit does not include a new Switchcraft slide switch. 
There are some comparison photos for you to see the effect of the spacers too, from standard mount to flush fit. This may vary slightly depending on the thickness of your pickguard or control plate though. The spacer is standard depth at 4mm.

If you order the screw & spacer kit , that will include - 
2x Raised Countersunk or non countersunk Philips head screws (stanless steel)
2x 4mm nickel plated brass spacers

In Stock!