Resistors - Mixed values for various uses


Whether you're experimenting with wiring, repairing a guitar and looking for the same spec resistor or perhaps trialling different values for your treble bleed mod. Hopefully this range of RS Pro resisitors help!

56kOhm - This value is used in the lead circuit of traditional Jaguar guitars, so might be useful to those restoring, repairing or building a Jaguar project!

120kOhm - This is the resistor value I use as part of my standard parallel wired treble bleed mod.

499kOhm - This value commonly used by Suhr on some of their wiring diagrams, perhaps you have 500k pots on a HSH or HSS configuration and want a better response from the single coils. Much like the 470k resistor mod, Suhr instead use 499k so you may wish to follow their lead and use those instead!

130kOhm - This is a popular alternative value for treble bleed mods such as the series wired 'Kinman' mod. So if you're experimenting with various cap values to find the perfect response for you, then hopefully this will help in your travels! 

150kOhm - Another alternative value for treble bleed mods. Commonly used by Suhr for example alongside a 680pF cap wired in parallel. Also used by Fender in their parallel/series combination treble bleed mod.

15kOhm - This value is commonly used on Broadcaster wiring, so if you're looking to recreate that classic Telecaster circuit, this should help achieve it (these are also the same ones I use on my own broadcaster harness). This value is also used in Jaguar lead circuit wiring.

20kOhm - This value is commonly used on series wired treble bleed mods

220kOhm - This value is commonly used on 'stacked' dual concentric pot Jazz Bass wiring styles

200kOhm - Another alternative value for treble bleed mods.

300kOhm - Another alternative value for treble bleed mods. This resistor value is commonly used by DiMarzio in their parallel wired treble bleed

Also available - 110k & 220k

Tech spec if required - 
RS Pro
5% tolerance
Carbon film construction
Long-term stability
Solder plated copper leads

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