RightOn! - Neck Strap Link - headstock strap accessory (leather version)


The Righton! Neck Strap Link is a useful strap accessory for guitars like Acoustics that don't have an additional strap pin.

This Strap LINK is made from leather, it works as a headstock tie,  Straplink provides instant access for your strap in any headstock, it wraps around headstock just above the nut (under the strings) & attaches to any guitar strap and it´s perfect for anyone who doesn't want to drill a strap button hole in the heel of in his beloved instrument.

- handmade from leather
- Valid for most string instruments, F-Mandolin included.
- Suitable for all strap styles.
- Specially designed for guitars without top strap button.
- Fitted under the strings, just above the nut or for the F-mandolin right on the instrument's barrel.

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