Redbeard Effects - Angry Rhubarb MKII - Para-dynamic Overdrive



Mikey at Redbeard Effects launched his new pedal on the 8th June 2021, a highly versatile new overdrive called the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII! And much like the two pedals before this one, it very much hit the ground running!

There’s a lot of debate over whether an overdrive circuit sounds better before or after an EQ circuit. Mikey & Adrian Thorpe figured, why not have both? By jamming two gloriously independent overdrive circuits either side of an extremely interactive EQ, the Angry Rhubarb was born. An obsessive amount of tweaks, modifications and refinement landed us at the MKII model.

This pedal brings a surgical approach to sculpting your tone by way of a Parametric EQ section. This circuit constantly interacts with both overdrive controls as well as your playing dynamic, allowing you to create some truly world class overdriven tones. With a low to medium drive in the front, and another medium-to-more drive in the back, the Angry Rhubarb has got you covered.

  • Two separate drive controls (pre & post)
  • Intuitive Parametric EQ section
  • Wide frequency control range (80Hz to 4kHz)
  • Boost or cut any frequency by 6dB
  • 100% Analogue Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • What's in the box :
    Our signature 'Coffee Bag' packaging | 2 x Redbeard Effects Stickers | Redbeard Effects PCB Keyring

In review
10/10 by Guitar Magazine with Editor's Choice award! Click HERE to read the full review

Personal My thoughts (if that matters!)
My first feelings upon playing through this pedal is that it will really help players understand the effect boosting, or cutting certain frequencies can have, not just on the tone, but on how it effects gain. It's also pretty astonishing to hear the difference between pre and post gain through the EQ too, which is ultimately what this pedal was designed to showcase! I started by simply reduced one of the gains/drives down all the way, concentrating on the other drive control whilst seeing the effect the EQ had on that, then did the same for the other gain/drive. That gave me a great feel for the pedal, how a pre or post gain can be so so different, even with the very same EQ settings. But merge the two together and it becomes incredibly intuitive to use with a HUGE array of drive tones to unlock. There are also some fantastic example settings in the downloadable user manual which I highly recommend checking out, those hint at the varied tones available via the pedal but also give you a helping hand in getting used to how all the elements interact which I found very useful indeed early on. With the EQ PRE drive, I found it to be a more 'vintage' oriented tone, fuller, like a crunchy Marshall just breaking up and the EQ here helps further refine both the drive or how the pedal is reacting to the type of pickups in your guitar, giving you a little more adjustment to dialling in a good balance of frequencies. The EQ Post drive is a totally different animal, aggressive, punchy and a whole heap of fun. Blend to the two together which is an incredibly useful tool, and you can get the best of both worlds and perhaps something not otherwise possible. I'm going to continue spending a bit more time with the pedal and perhaps re-address this paragraph as I learn more about the pedal, but first impressions are that it is incredibly versatile, but also helps me better understand pedal gain stages and EQ which is really useful in tone chasing!

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