PVC tubing for traditional Gibson style braided wire


If you're re-wiring a Gibson in a vintage style, then this strong PVC tubing is great for covering braided wire. It is relatively flexible, much like the original tubing seen on vintage instruments, so I would consider it a viable alternative and personally use this on any vintage restoration work, or on a wiring kit/loom where someone wants a more vintage correct look over heat shrink. Internal diameter is 4mm, and it comes supplied per 1ft. If you need more, simply order further quantities and I'll cut it in a total length (stock dependent).

I have included a photo of a wiring loom I made which was for an original 1964 Gibson 335, we used this exact tubing to achieve a period correct look and worked perfectly and matched up nicely with the original pieces of PVC tubing that was actually on the original wiring.

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