Pure Tone - Multi-Contact 1/4" output jack socket


Here's what Pure Tone say!
"The patented Pure Tone jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal and lowest possible noise. 100% greater surface area at all contact points creates a more stable connection; as a result, high and low frequencies are greatly improved creating a much more balanced sound while eliminating frequency spikes. No more noise crackle caused by pressure grounds!

The Pure Tone jack allows for increased current handling at 500 volts for high current applications. Tensioned design locks cable securely in place while the increased metal mass carries more signal."

Pure Tone's alternative is a fairly new product to the market, and is quickly gaining popularity in the guitar world for it's high quality construction and improved design. A little more expensive than the Switchcraft unit, but not without reason. It features 4 points of contact for the jack lead, 2 positive and 2 negative, which provides a much more firmer 'seat' once the jack lead is plugged in. This has multiple advantages, strength, reliability and quality of audio signal. Worth the extra couple of quid? I think so, which is why it has joined the Home of Tone roster and is now an option on the entire harness range offered too!

I also offer these as 'Pre-Wired' Jack sockets, ideal for Fender type Strat/Tele guitars. Those are available to order HERE

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