Pickup mounting screws for Jazzmaster/P-Bass/J-Bass pickups


Wood screws for mounting body mount style pickups like those on a Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass or Precision Bass. These are 30mm in length(from under the screw head to tip of thread) have a 2.85mm thread diameter with an unthreaded section measuring 2.75mm, and the screw head is 5.25mm. These would suit US spec instruments if ordering as a direct replacement, but If it's a fresh partscaster build/body though this likely won't matter as the body will need to be drilled to suit anyway. Just note the above specs if you're buying these as a replacement for far East build jazzmasters, J or P basses. 
These will fit the Jazzmaster pickup covers I sell also.
Chrome finish

Sold individually due to the mixture of quantities you may need depending on the guitar/bass that they're for.

In Stock!