Orange Drop tone capacitors - .022uF, .047uF & .033uF


This is the Sprague Orange Drop 715P .022uF & .047uF tone capacitor. Audio grade Polypropylene dielectric material provides a smooth, wah type tone with no sonic impurities. 

They're available in either .022uF, .047uF or .033uF ratings. As a rule the general recommendation is .022uF for humbuckers, .047uF for single coils and .033uF in traditional Jazzmaster lead circuits. This is usually based off the pickup manufacturers recommendations, but you can of course use whichever you choose for the given application. I personally prefer .022uF for both single coil and humbuckers for example, the reason being that a .022uF will 'roll off' less treble than a .047uF, making the pot 'sweep' sound a touch more gradual. A .047uF will be an ever so slightly 'steeper' roll off of trebles. It's personal preference, but first port of call would be to check out your pickup manufacturers recommendation and go from there. For reference, all McNelly Pickups are recommended to pair with .022uF capacitors. Hope this helps!

Awaiting further stock of .022uF